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Letting go of trauma

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Have you noticed that a lot of extreme things are happening right now? People getting diagnosed with can-sir, people saying things that shock you, people having their trauma re-triggered, and you getting over things faster than before. You could hold a grudge, or you could just move on. Jim Self speaks about this when he talks about the dimensional shift from 3D to 5D via 4D.

Here’s what I have to share on the topic:

In this book, the author does an excellent job not only to show how the focus of the medi-cal community is without heart, but also to point out what is actually helpful, and what are signs of a traumatized individual.

One sign of a traumatize individual is the collection of accomplishment!

If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you will see, after spending less than 3yrs in corporate, I held 13 paid research positions from 2005 to 2014 (in addition to some that I did on a voluntary basis). In the past 2yrs I have launched 3 group emagazines, co-founded a support group and a school (two if you count the one that appeared and then disappeared), all while running my own business, raising 3 kids (8yrs and under, none of them in school or daycare). I hold 3 university degrees (left 2 fully funded PhD programs, due to my own mental health and the lack of ethics of one of the research heads), and I have attained full qualifications from at least 5-6 top esoteric teachers the UK, US, and Canada. I‘ve publish well over 100 articles, mostly on trauma, health, spirituality, and parenting, mostly with the aim to foster waking people up to self-love, self-awareness, and the impact of their actions on others (especially children), in order to save lives. There have been more suicides in my family than I can keep track of, even I am a victim of suicide, and in my mind that has got to be the scariest thing for a parent, to know your child is trying to take their life, except, to this day, my parents are still oblivious to this fact.

Why do I share all of this?


Here are some snippets from an article I did not read in full, to give you a sense of what is supposed to happen in childhood (the images may be in reverse order, read from the intro to delta to theta to alpha to beta):

You can restore the brain waves that were robbed from you in childhood, and you need to! All of our problems now are just repeats from our problems prenatally and in childhood. They repeat to remind us to go back and fix, or they result in physical and mental illness, which the dr-ugh companies are very happy to medi-cate for you for life so you can avoid what lies underneath. The catch is that this guarantees you will never get the life you came here to have. Suddenly the deal ain’t so sweet anymore, eh?

Two-fold because I also want you to think about what we are doing to our children!

Main-stream will say, you can have your cake and eat it too. Make a mini-me, enjoy it for 4mon or 1yr, then send it to daycare and back to your job, then send it to school. Oh the resistance from your child is normal, they’ll have fun as soon as you leave, don’t worry. Except, school is the dumbest place to send your children! School (and daycare) think they need to teach kids so many things in the stupidest way, that children will learn all by themselves in the most brilliant way!

If you read the excerpts above, you may have caught where the author says “kids use BOTH sides of their brain simultaneously“. Do you know why most adults don’t? Do you know what causes “laterality”, which is the dominant use of one side of the brain and tends to result in faces that look uneven and more injury or health problems on one side of the body than the other?

= Trauma!

Do you know the most insidious trauma? Telling a child they are not ok just the way they are and trying to mold them into what you, society, or school expects them to be. Its insidious because it becomes their internal monologue (a chronic stressor that often no one can hear but themselves).

What to do?

Celebrate that the schools are closed for the next 25 days, and possibly longer. Investigate unschooling principles. I can send you a great referral and article if you want to learn more. Deal with your own trauma. Let it come up and out. I can send you more about Jim Self’s concept if you wish.

This is another great book to read:

She teaches you how to center your self in your aura and put your negative feelings outside your aura to dissolve, you don’t need them!

She also shares that dolphins (like children) use BOTH sides of their brain at once and think humans are asleep because we only use one side at a time, and that is what they do when they are asleep.

Several years ago, new into having launched my business, I went to a meditation worried about money. The answer I got from this meditation was: money is simple math, you are learning to use both sides of your brain in new ways, that matters more. And now I find this.

I share this with you because I can guide you, I have the knowledge and the tools. And if this feels like something you are looking for, reach out, or follow me on my Instagram, LinkedIn, my blog, or any other emagazine that I write for, I even posts some videos to my YouTube channel from time to time. All of that is free, until you feel you want to invest and work with me directly. You can access most of what I mention in this paragraph from the icons on the top of the homepage for my website

I am here, I care, the time is now. Drop your trauma, release your trauma, save your kids. This is NOT the time to try to keep up or restore the old way of doing things. It is time to wake up and reclaim your truth, and support your children to be themselves. And if they have been in the system too long and are already brain-washed, do what you can to open the door to another way to see things, because the list of accomplishments on my LinkedIn page, and soon to be theirs, is the path to depression. We are not our on-paper accomplishments, or the things our parents brag about on their social media, we are way more than that.

Sending you love!

Dec 29th, 2020. 2+9 = 11. In Soul Contract 11 is about shattering your current reality so that you can grow. Yes, it’s about trauma, and loss, and how trauma gets stuck in our body, and prevents us from being all that we can be, but, you can also choose to stop leaning on others, and adopting the dysfunctional patterns of your family and society (they don’t make you “cool” anymore), and find, share, support, and protect others with your unique truth.

You are the skilled magician, we all are!

And you are also every single other card in major arcana of the tarot deck, with a choice between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual success or torture, every step of the way. I can guide and refer you to all this and more, if you so seek.

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always!

Alahnnaa Campbell


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