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Medical Medium’s interesting take on generational health privilege

Updated: Jan 2

As I consider giving up alcohol, dairy, gluten, fat before dinner, or doing a cleanse, I came across this video:

I’m not considering giving up these things because I’m making a new year’s resolution. I’m considering giving up these things because I am sick of the headaches, which I recently realized are dormant lingering deep sinus infections, that my body can only keep at bay, if I don’t add injury, menstruation, or bad diet.

What stood out for me in this video is that intermittent fasting is shown to have a similar impact on the adrenals as anorexia, and (surprisingly) binging on junk food does the same.

My kids, especially my eldest, eat a lot of junk food. I decided early on that I would not control their diet, but rather let them decide what makes them feel good, and when they want to stop eating things that don’t make them feel good. Dietary restriction, for me (as someone who was body-shamed her whole childhood), needs to be a personal choice. And we choose it when the alternative is sufficiently worse.

Yes, it’s nice to be able to get away with a treat sometimes, with no penalty but, as we age, and get more serious about eating clean, those no-penalty treats become a pipe dream.

The other thing that stood out for me in this video, is 80% of post-secondary kids are on amphetamines! Maybe we shouldn’t be diagnosing so many kids with ADHD, and actually teach them about their unique sensitivities, self-care needs, and limits instead?

I also like that he pointed out that ayahuasca, mushrooms, and pot, (I think micro-dosing would fit in here too, no judgement) are not good for you, seems obvious to me. However, he says again and again, we are not high on these things because we are bad, we are high on these things because life is hard.

He also points out the many who work out, pounding back protein-rich diets, posing themselves as perfect on social media, with their daily coffee and alcohol on the weekends, haven’t gotten to the point yet, where it all catches up to them yet.

Spiritual awakening, it comes for us all. Pluto’s ultimatum: make a change or suffer until you die.

I wanted to share this beautiful passage from Cleanse to Heal, where the Medical Medium outlines his take on multigenerational health privilege:

MM perspective on health privilege
Download PDF • 135KB

Several of my clients share how many problems people face are systemic. The system is "supposed" to be there for you, but it's not, because poverty, mental illness, and physical health issues, go hand in hand in hand in hand. Feminist movements don't even scratch the surface of what women deal with. Life may be hard, but following our human design strategy and authority, we can get to where we need to be, to see what we are meant to see.

The founder of human design also shares that we are meant to take in information from plants, fruits, and vegetables; "if you want to change your life, change what you eat!" In fact, some of the new kids coming in in 2027 onward will not eat meat at all, and this has nothing to do with global warming.

I'm not interested in drugs or surgery to correct any of my health issues. Prescription and over the counter drugs contributed to the mess I am in,. Drugs and/or surgeries have contributed to the mess a lot of my clients are in. I am very much enjoying the products I bought from Sacred Rites - Traditional Ancestral Medicine (, indicated with a checkmark on her flyers here:

Sacred Rights Teas Steams and Tinctures
Download PDF • 3.69MB

RestoreChi is also a very helpful tool (see this post, for a recent example), in addition to Esogetic Medicine. More on this in my next article: Traveling up and down the spectrum of modalities that I use to support multidimensional family health

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