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Mudras prevent you from depleting your personal energy

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

One of the important lessons taught to us by Master Yan (creator of RestoreChi) is to:

Support others to heal by "using the tracks", not by over-giving with your own personal energy!

Nothing is more true in these times, when front line health care workers are forced to care for others without always having the proper equipment or energy to protect themselves. Of course, the work they do is invaluable, but:

We who sit at home could be doing more to support ourselves and our loved ones, so that we put less of a burden on them!

Here is a FREE step by step tutorial on how to use RestoreChi to support your health and that of the people you care about during these times:

ALL I ask is that, if this is not your cup of tea, please just disregard it! Please do not send me a whole bunch of emails or comments insulting the work that I do or what I believe, as I need to conserve my energy for myself, my children, and my family! What I have created here, is from the bottom of my heart, and what I could do, from home, in order to try to support you!

In addition, here is the mudras (hand position) taught to us by Master Yan:

It is intended to be used as a way to preserve our energy, so that we stop giving it away like its leaking and we have a ton to spare. This mudras can be used at any time.

Try it and see if you can feel your own energy circulate within yourself, feeding back to yourself, and getting stronger.

You can use this mudras when you are sitting by yourself, when you are moving around, or when you are actively engaging with others.

One of my clients says:

"She likes this mudras, because at certain angles it looks like a YinYang symbol, so while maintaining our energy, we are balancing and replenishing it as well!"

Here is another mudras shared by Richard Rudd (founder of the Gene Keys) in his video available here:

The symbol shown in the preview for his video above (of the 4 intersecting circles), looks a lot like the symbol for the spiritual Alpha Omega, which came up a lot in the 2nd Divine Healing session that I conducted on behalf of the collective. The energies from that healing and others are yours to pick up at any time (from the ether), if you wish! Follow me on Instagram to learn more.

This is the closest fit I could find online for the Spiritual Alpha Omega that I saw:

Anyhoo, back to Richard's mudras:

Hold this mudras in any way that feels comfortable.

For me, this mudras is a reminder of the heart, and, if you intertwine your index fingers a bit more, you can also see a DNA strand, reminding us of our multi-dimensional nature. You can also reflect on what Richard shares in his video (above), when you are using this mudras:

"The heart can never be overwhelmed, it just opens more. So, in these times, we need not fear feeling negative emotions (for ourselves or others). We can just feel them, then let them dissolve, and in doing so, we are doing our part!"

The third mudras that I would like to share with you is the Queldon Pyramid:

This mudras you are technically supposed to be "attuned" to, but if it works for you without attunement, then it works for you without attunement.

If you feel you need an attunement, reach out (the Contact Me form is at the bottom of this page, or email me at, and I will attune you remotely for FREE.

If you want a more personalized guide through the system, I can also refer you to a couple people who are in a better position to train you, by donation.

Queldon is technically not for children under 12yrs old or animals. However, I use it on whomever I feel may benefit.

Queldon supports:

- healing the heart and mind

- removing mental blocks

- creating a shift

- breaking unhealthy attachments

- bringing the human mind back to its natural state of freedom and self-balance

- releasing negative feelings related to lack or a struggle to survive

- seeing the bigger picture, and

- making positive changes to human biochemistry and DNA

This is done through thought and intention and is technically not intended to be combined with any other energy modality.

Use it on yourself at first, so you know what it is like. Then see how you feel about using it to support others.

Reminder: You are never healing others, but rather, holding a safe space for them to heal themselves!

For me, I find this mudras simply melts my concerns, and allows for a deep, peaceful, relaxing meditation.

If you want to learn more, reach out, and I can put you in touch with someone who can guide you further (as mentioned above)!

Finally, you can create a mudras for anything.

Perhaps you recognize these common mudras from yogic meditations?:

Just feel your energy.

See what happens when you create a loop, where your energy can stay contained in your own system. Even placing the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth creates a positive feedback loop. Play with it. When you are feeling good, choose a hand position (like your hands just above your knees), and lock in how that positive emotion feels, and when you need it, revisit that hand position and see if you can recreate it for yourself again.

See what works for you, and discard the rest.

Love and Bless, Strong Family, Strong Community, Strong Light!

You are NEVER alone! So, stay inside!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

Stress & Health

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