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Physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, social, etc - health has many components and levels

My daughter got a cut on her head. I wasn’t there and no one knows how it happened. It bled for a while, probably because of the location, and then it healed as she slept.

This experience (and others) made me realize the limits of the work I do and the skills I have.

Yes, of course, I am working with my son and his teacher to create an article about how to heal wounds like this, as well as how to identify and avoid the cause, and it’s a great learning experience for everyone.

And when you see the photo, you’ll probably think “that cut is minor”, it is. But there’s more to it than that!

The location of the cut matches the placement of Uranus on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, when placed on the body:

This is also the reception point of the light from above (which enters into Kether, veiled Neptune) and travels the path of Soul Contract 1 (also associated with Pluto: ultimate truth, and the Fool: who is wise enough to know he knows nothing, so he enters life willingly, open to see what is in store for him, this time around):

When Uranus is off balance, according to Esogetic Medicine, we are at risk of being too revolutionary.

The energy from above must be able to pass on to the next sephira (Saturn, via the path of Soul Contract 4: trust, sharing, children, nature, and the empress) to be absorbed into the physical body.

Two things here: Saturn sounds harsh, it is often associated with the father, responsibility, but it does rule a masculine (Aquarius, surprise eh) and feminine sign (Capricorn, another surprise, as people see practical cold business is a man’s world, it’s not)!

Saturn is Earth (when it’s assigned to Capricorn), and Mama Earth is feminine. She is receptive, she receives the light from above and knows what to do with it!

Uranus must to be willing to pass the reigns onto his sun Saturn, without trying to eat him, who then must pass it onto his son Jupiter/Zeus, who then must pass it onto to his son Aries/Mars, or so the story goes...

People get all bogged down about their Saturn return, yet my astrology teacher always says: Saturn is the auditor, who only wants to make sure your papers are in order and that you pay what you owe, nothing more.

So what does this mean? I said two fold.

So, #1 I have come so far in this life that spirit doesn‘t let me make any mistakes. The wound on my daughter’s head is a message to make a turn, to ground, to make it practical, to understand what I have and what I am lacking. And I am.

#2: I don’t heal wounds, I don’t heal serious illness, I want to catch people way before they reach that point!

Read my other articles about Esogetic Medicine, and you will see that: everything that we experience beyond age 12 is just a repeat to go back and clean up. But so few people recognize this and are willing to put in the time and money to do so, they don’t believe, and that is fine.

But, if you keep not believing, you are going to end up pushing all the people who care about you away, and you are going to end up very ill, and then you’re probably going to see someone else to “save you”.

Because I have no interest in fixing someone who blames their illness or life and takes on no ownership for the cause. I don’t work with victims, I don’t pretend that it’s just physical, I work with people who are ready to reclaim their lives, and who want to thrive.

The second fold, in this two fold is; if you embody, you don’t get injured, and you detox sick (maybe with a bit of help).

It may sound odd and heretical, but, god speaks to us through injury, if you are not paying attention s/he will wack you at the side of your child’s head to draw your attention to what you’ve been missing, so you can adjust and find your true focus!

So yes, I learn from great healers, but I do not heal.

I see the storyline and try to get you back on track. You heal and stay healthy by staying in and connected to your body, understanding what your body and life is trying to tell you!

If you inhabit your body, no one else can.

You are connected to source, and if your follow your path, you will have health.

Unless your path is to navigate illness.

We are all here to learn. We can not abandon our mission or we get sick. The choice is always yours.

Find out who you are and honour that, or don’t, but I can’t be around people who lie to themselves and speak under their breath, blaming everyone else.

Own your sh*t, understand, if you’re sick or hurt you’re not listening. You want more than health, you want connection, alignment, embodiment. With that comes fulfillment and health. Otherwise, no other accomplishment, possession or experience will make life worth living.

After reading many cases studies, I can see it clear as day: bad things happen, bad things happen, bad things happen, people stitch their own illness into their bodies (multiple layers of stitching in many cases). Healing only comes when you realize the source of the original bad thing that happened. When you let that go and make changes in your life, the illness has no purpose to exist anymore. Unless the illness was the point, to wake you up so you can die at peace, or because your soul has given up on this life and is moving onto the next. It’s not personal.

This is the purpose of life: unravel your past, live your life with more authenticity, don’t blame others for their faults, the faults aren’t now, they started a long time ago, when an experience got tied to a faulty belief, which they keep feeding. And I don’t have food for that wolf:

We need the contrast of light and dark in order to choose the middle ground.

If we are all light we are not here, and if we are all dark we are ill (and/or repeatedly injured). But we need not feed the darkness/illness/injury, just offer it love and kindness, know it’s there and has taught us, and offer compassion at a distance, to the limit of our own self care.

We can do this!


Alahnnaa Campbell

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