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Sh!tting out a headache?!

So, I have headaches from time to time, and I try all kinds of things to avoid taking drugs (which may numb the pain, but fail to fix the underlying issue). Swelling is not the underlying issue, it's a reaction to the underlying issue. I even used to drink coffee, but that is no different. Coffee is a dehydrant, at least for me, and my brain was suffering from chronic dehydration, as I drank my daily coffee to avoid withdrawal headaches.

So, today, I reached out for help.

When RestoreChi water baths failed, and Esogetic Soundscapes for Headaches failed, and my Esogetic Gamma40 brainwave program (designed to support the glia/immune cells of the brain to detox rather than destroy the brain) failed, and the ozone sauna failed, and my Medical Medium supplements and teas failed, and the Headache plus the Neck and Shoulder tracks from RestoreChi failed, and the Migraine pain frequency program from the Healy failed.

The suggestion was: Liver Detox from RestoreChi and Energy Support (part of being able to stay strong despite daily stress) from the Information Field.

And the result: peeing and pooping all day, until my headache cleared.

I was hesitant, returning to Southern Ontario, after being in Nanaimo BC for 6 weeks (including travel time), where we are accepted and loved, for what we know, regardless of our heath choices, to a place that is more interested in collaboration and action, but is even more loaded with 5G than when we left, with a 7 day drive in a Tesla, and my own laziness to protect my energy field on the way home.

We should be able to let go, and not have to keep our selves strong all the time, but if we do this, in the world we live in, we pay the price of having to fix the damage.

A friend asked "are we going to keep the Tesla even though it is hurting me and the kids, and maybe even my husband unbeknownst to him (which is actually more dangerous than to be known)?". The answer is YES, because doing so allows me to travel to serve my clients. I can heal my self, this is the environment we live in, others do not know how to heal themselves, and may not be able to pay astronomical gas prices to get to me, and we learn as we go, anyways.

I hope this helps and inspires.

There are so many things that we do not see, that impact us.

I was just talking to my 7yr old, about her chronic stomach issues. She is very frustrated with the way people see her and respond to her, and she voices her frustration in a very ugly way, and this creates tension in her digestive tract. She is hurting her self, by holding this resentment and anger towards others. Her grandpa is in the hospital, due to rectal bleeding. I am not shy to tell her "if she does not find a way to process her disappointments and ask for what she wants, in a way that does not destroy her body, she will be in the hospital with a bleeding butt one day too".

While my dad was in hospital, I was at home trying to get well too. What is inside of me, is not just inside of me, nor is what is inside of him, just inside of him.

This conversation with my daughter started because she asked her aunt if she was Ved, her aunt provided a vague answer. My daughter wants to know because she is curious, but also because "she doesn't want to catch the V". We don't catch the V, but we are certainly impacted by it. Like my kids were impacted by me spending the day on the couch with a headache. My husband even said to my last night "you're not going to spend the day being sick tomorrow, are you?" as he knows, part of going in for a treatment (ozone sauna) is starting the detox process, which continues until it is interrupted or done. And we interrupt it by eating badly, and I am not going to do that - clean diet, no alcohol, good sleep, at least until my headache is clear.

I should note, all of the healing efforts above are cumulative.

This all started with tension in my legs, tendons, hand cramps and weakness, life stress, and tender points in my neck, shoulders, and skull (including issues with blood and energy flow). Nothing comes out of nowhere. We get clogged up, and if we have made the effort to learn how, we can also unblock, and heal.

I hope this helps.

Figuring it out:

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