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The Autive Circuit - not everything needs fixing

Where she mentions occupational therapy exercises that can be used to treat conditions at various levels of the brain:

She mentions this resource many times, for those who are not very in touch with how they feel:

I have yet to fully check out these links. I include them here for others to use. The first includes a free resource, which I think is a check list of different activities that most people find activating or calming, categorized by the senses, for people to identify what works for them, and also to see how different people may have different perceptions of what works for others, because others will mask their needs more around people they feel less comfortable with.

I am about to read the frontal cortex portion of this book:

...but ever since getting into the limbic region, I am struck by how evident the avoidant attachment piece is for me (see: and why I am in no hurry to fix it.

I know who I am. I've known since being pregnant with my second child, that I am a crystal scout, here to see if earth was ready to receive these special children, and since they are here, I know I must have said yes. And it is up to me, to help usher them in, by paving the way, for people to see and treat them, for who they are.

Over the past year, I have been rocked and comforted, then I forgot about the notion that my family and I may be autistic.

I've gotten most of the way through the Human Design theory of what will happen mid February 2027, and all the steps that have led up to what we are experiencing now, as well as how much time we are likely to have afterwards.

I know that I am a polymath, visible in my gene keys. To be a polymath means to dedicate myself to acquiring and linking a lot of information. I do not have time for the limbic/social things that most people waste their time on (and find joy in). I've given up that kind of joy to focus on what brings me more fulfilling joy.

I am fully aware that the closer we get to the truth, the fewer people are able to hear us, and this doesn't bother me at all. I create content, I don't have time to make sure my content stays visible to everyone, or to claim some conspiracy theory against what I have to say, that is blocking people's access to read. The people I care most about reading what I have to say, I can send them a direct link, to what I have put together.

I am also woken regularly with the answers. While Human Design would say to discard your dreams, they are homogenous programming to throw you off course, a distraction. Esogetic Medicine sees value in dreams as guidance. Sometimes we have to choose which of our beloved theories feels right. It's actually both, but we need to be able to tell the difference, which Human Design tells us how to do, by defining our inner authority, as well as how to eat in order to reduce the congestion in our brain, so we can strengthen our natural gift.

The dreams we discard are the ones that disorient us and make us feel like we are bad people, the ones we keep are the ones that guide us and others to see what we need to see.

The Autive circuit is what is coming online in 2027, when the majority of children born, if the prophecy is true, will be severely disabled. This is because, like me, they are here to collect information, to be used by a consciousness that is not embodied, in either of their bodies, but is collective, outside the bodies of 3-5 beings. It sounds like science fiction and, until we see it happen, I will leave it there too. But I have seen enough truth in the theory, to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Not everything needs fixing because not everything shows up as the priority to be fixed.

Yes, I have brainstem and cerebellum issues (as per the list above, and it really bothers me when my son taps, which reminds me of the problem I have in this area of my brain, as I prefer to reside mostly in the cortical region of my brain, though it is not healthy to do so exclusively). My kirlian photo shows my resting state is small degenerative. The degenerative state is prone to issues in the medulla, which is part of the brainstem, right next to the cerebellum (who says anyone has these brain divisions, or what can be accessed by the light, right?):

This is what works really well for me, when I get dizzy:

Note that this is both a brainstem (medulla) and coordination (cerebellum) treatment, while also addressing the hypothalamus (hormonal level).

And, while the following does not clear the obvious signs that I have sleep issues in my feet of my kirlian photo, the Sleep 2 brainwave program, used for multiple days in a row, will give me more energy to play with my kids in the day:

I'll have to revisit Sleep 1, as I do suffer from waking early or not sleeping well through the night, because I am woken with answers, that are less important to record than my ability to sleep and function well, for my family and to continue my studies painfree, but sometimes I indulge myself in the urge to write and see what I know.

I also respond very well to treatment, even if I revert back to small degenerative when left untreated for a while, which is uncommon. Most people in a small degenerative state are very hard to treat/move. It essentially means premature aging, burning out, not in touch with our program, but, as you can see, I am quite in touch with what I am here to do, and I walk the line of how much I can do so, while also not suffering from ill health.

I share that not everything is to be treated because, people can have health problems that they want to treat, but that is not what shows up as primary in their kirlian photo. We can treat the things that people are concerned about, to avoid mainstream solutions that are undesirable (like surgery) or we can respect what we see and trust the process.

I choose to do a bit of both. When fears of mainstream practices are at the forefront, I see if I can refer the client to Master Yan. He is well equipped to take someone at risk and shift them to avoid mainstream processes. Not always. I've had to pull a tooth despite seeing Master Yan, and I've had people see him after they opted to do surgery first. Whatever our life path will be, no one can save us from that. I have since had much fewer (if any) cavities, when I used to have one almost everytime I went to the dentist. I have not changed my brushing habit, but I floss more and I use toothpaste that has been energized by Master Yan.

Master Yan healed my youngest's umbilical hernia, so she could avoid surgery, and I would see him if I thought I was ever at risk for cancer and related mainstream treatments.

He believes in the validity of what we can see in a kirlian photo, where there are signs of possible cellular changes to be concerned about, especially if blobs shift to small degeneration after treatment. Esogetics would say "go get a 3D test to confirm" if you see this happen. I'll go to see Master Yan.

This is how we can tell who is able to make it through the 2027 wave. Many of the authors, who's work I've been reading, are so ingrained in mainstream medicine, that they think the solutions must come through better drugs and surgical procedures. They think us working together is the solution, when everything points to: we are not meant to work together, we are certainly not meant to dominate other animals, we have only done so for the past couple hundred years, because of the times we were in. We see an uprise in this belief (that how things are is how they will always be) right before the end. The only way to navigate life now, if you are human, is to follow your unique human design, life path/program, capture your lessons, see what you are meant to see, before it's all gone.

Some are meant to see mainstream. To clump together, in their limbic social support circles (where sadly I see people with more personal power and integrity put themselves below people with more popularity but less brilliant intelligence) and experience that level of satisfaction and joy.

I am here for success, visible in my human design. I leverage other parts of my brain, as well as my time, energy, and relationships for different things. I am entitled to do this, until the day that I want to see something shift, when it shows up on my kirlian photo saying it's time, to see the other as someone to have a relationship with, until then, I will keep on keeping on. Broken as some may say, but serving what I want to do. I can't do that if I waste my time like most people do, being social, despite the joy I miss out on, I don't have time, and this is why I am small degenerative. Until the day, which could be tomorrow, when I feel it is time to change, I will keep on keeping on, as it serves a purpose, and so does being the best version of you, whatever you define that to be.

I can see illness a mile away. But that doesn't mean each person is not entitled to live their life the way that is currently working for them. I can only help as much as I can, and I avert my eyes to try to see less. Some people will try to get better, others will enjoy being sick, no matter how much they say they don't enjoy it and want out.

Some of us live a more physical life, more in fear, while others will live more in trust, in limbo, in acceptance of the experience that comes. I'll be honest with you, I skip the mainstream diagnosis, because I don't want to be pressured into the mainstream solution, that is tied to what they might find. I may get there, when I get there, I don't close the door to it completely. But until then, I have friends who can help me, and that's good enough. I prefer to invest in these social connections than in others that go nowhere. It's not to be mean, but my love language is "what can you take off my plate" (or how can I learn by working with you). Other people have other love languages, and that's ok. But I tell my kids "it doesn't really count as love, unless you give it to people in the way they want to receive it".

I hope this helps? TBC, as I finish this book?

When it comes to "autism" I think we fix as much of the failure to fully embody and cope with the world as we can, but the right to use our brain and develop ansynchronistically, if we so choose, if our life can support it, with an alternative education plan, just like those who are labeled as gifted or adhd or learning disabled, have at it. There are things to learn, in terms of how to maintain health and to get along, things some people don't like to do because of underlying unresolved trauma, that they may benefit from finding a way to resolve, but we definitely don't all need to be the same!

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