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The First Path

Updated: May 14, 2022

The title of this book, in my opinion, is not so much what this book is about, but, it does make me wonder:

The second path, is meant to be the second half of our life, when we turn inward, towards soul purpose meaning.

We see a similar concept in Soul Contract, where the downward triangle in the Star of David is when we ground into the earth plane and work on our physical karma, talents, and goals. The upward triangle is when we reach back up to spirit to give back.

This has lead me to believe things similar to these quotes:

A common theme in my writing, and in the thoughts of many respectful parents, are the many things we do to kids, to take them off their spiritual path, as if it is some kind of conspiracy.

Do we need to do these things in the first part of their life (their first path), and does trying not to do so shortchange them of something they need. Like, can you do advanced math, if you don’t know basic math?

And this quote in my kids’ movie continues to speak to me:

Thoughts in this book are similar to Esogetic Medicine, in that, those who are not in touch with their true life path are sick, and those who can get back in touch with their true life path can regain their health.

And, the way to help someone reconnect is through the information field, in the higher dimensions, by moving beyond our polarity/dualistic worldview: right or wrong, black or white. To see, what resonates, what doesn’t, when you lay one pattern on another, what stands out as a non-fit, and how do we send a correcting impulse, so the body (psyche, and life experience) can choose to stabilize, or not. In my experience, it destabilizes first, in order to allow clarity and new perspectives to emerge (aka health).

And, theres’s the rub. Most people who are sick, want to be, they create their illness. No matter what they tell you about “they don’t”, consciousness sits above and influences our information field, which then builds our body, life experience, and health.

It’s a very interesting way in which we can learn to be more honest with our selves, by working with the space between. Literally in between, not black or white, but gray.

And, the wisdom from Matias DeStefano, continues to sit with me - that the majority of people are subconscious (and in survival mode, they hold the data), and a small amount are unconscious (creating the current, to misdirect), and a tiny amount are conscious (here to connect the dots, but useless if they don’t realize they are a part of the whole, let go of spiritual arrogance, and do their job!).

I am forever trying to reconcile my relationship with my family of origin, and the multiple layers of friendships that I have outgrown.

The truth is, I am on my soul path, and I keep moving, faster and faster, while staying in the same place, and this makes them very uncomfortable.

I wonder if our family life continues to accelerate in a positive way, because I work with the information field. I’ve been doing so for a while, before actually getting a device to access it. Just like Nuno Nina, who, without a device, was an athlete who could run, the device just gives him a bike to go further, while expending less energy. Much like the creator of RestoreChi and his tracks.

Life continues to surprise me every day, in what is synchronistically offered to us, when we allow the delay and the wrong turn.

I have no desire to fight against the information field, to try to control it, and suffer more.

And seeing our life go so well, I can offer best wishes to those who have harmed us, because I do hope life gives them equal opportunity, to learn and grow, as much as I have, and this love backwards is what paves our luck forward.

I just recognize my humanness, and allow what is trying to unfold, to unfold.

I am no saint and my life is not frustration or pain/illness-free. But I also don’t have the concerns of most. In this way, Maslow’s Pyramid is right.

And, my interest, in helping kid souls integrate and stay in touch with their physicality, and their soul purpose, so they don’t make attempts on their life, when they are fed so many lies, is still there, but with less attachment, and more compassion.

Because the situation reveals what is possible and when, and there is no more we can (or need to) do, because, my guess, between self-correcting and entropy towards chaos, is on the prior.

Life gets out of hand, but, then we coast, and rest.

Many people will use the more accessible version of the author’s product subconsciously (to survive), some will use it unconsciously (to manipulate), and others will use it consciously (to connect the dots), and maybe this is perfect, it’s just life.

And, so long as we stop fighting about everything, trying to figure out our opinion, as if our only mission is to convince all others to think as we do, well, that’s a path to a wasted life. Not just as this book mentions, a 60-70yr old who has never turned inward.

This book reminds us that, the way to health is not a desire to “not be sick anymore”, but to remember and have a desire for what we would do if we had our health back. I.e., follow your truth and life purpose, or your health will be taken from you. It’s a choice. Sounds cold, and some of us have harder journeys and different things to learn. Honesty has always been my policy. Because nothing else can help. Other than silent compassion (non-investment in the outcome, but holding space for the best possible outcome to unfold).

Sending love. 💕

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