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Geometry, Anatomy, and Life Sciences not taught in school

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

If you read (the book, not just the free intro provided here of) Non-Violent Communication, you will discover the school system actually teaches us to be competitive, and violent.

My yesterday “started” with me listening to a soundtrack for Num5of9 ReleaseBlocks (to remember). Numerology and astrology are often mocked, yet many still seek information from them. While listening to this audio, I remembered when I was working with someone, to try to connect concepts from astrology, gene keys (which is a modern version of the 5000 year old i’ching, book of changes, how to change), and more.

So, I began to lay out yesterday, from a human design, astrology, and gene keys perspective. Here are the pieces:

Basically, yesterday, the sun was at 13 degrees Taurus. Human design (channeled work) and gene keys (also channeled work, which builds upon, focuses, and expands human design) have one way to assign astrology signs and degrees to the i’Ching/gene keys lessons, and my astrology teacher/co-teacher’s teacher has another, based on the seasons.

I used both ways in the image above, and looking at it, I feel both are valid. One through the heart, and the other the mind, and both offer paths to enlightenment. But, not just two paths, as you can see.

When the sun is at 13 degrees Taurus, the earth is by default in opposition, at 13 degrees Scorpio. And, 3 months prior, the sun, was by default in a square position to where it sits now, at 13 degrees Aquarius. So, we have 3 astrological points (which make a triangle), divided into two intermingling paths to follow. These geometries (and logic) belong to human design.

And, according to the gene keys, the position of the sun is our life’s work, the position of the earth is our greatest challenge, and the position the sun was in 3 months prior is our radiance (how we find health).

Each I‘Ching gate or hexagram (6 broken or unbroken lines) or gene keys lesson has an audio (and an uncountable number of heavy texts to guide you through). Each can also be divided into 2 of 8 trigrams (3 broken or unbroken lines), one above the other.

As you can see, yesterday had the majority of hexagrams showing “the creative heaven” above something else.

Before assuming I found something special, do know, the cycle of the sun and earth is the same, year after year, this is just a phenomenon for this time of year. The lessons change every 6 days.

And also, it doesn’t matter what door you go through to attain enlightenment (aka being a good, kind, conscious, understanding, compassionate, loving person). The I‘Ching gene keys lists 64 options, some are easier for each person to identify with, based on their time, date, and location of birth (which defines their astrology, gene keys, human design, and more), and some are easier because of where everyone is currently at or influenced by: the transit (the current location of the planets, as they move in the sky).

As you will see below, astrology and our body systems is our map, other planets use other mapping systems.

And, as I just mentioned, another doorway, is through our bodies, what parts of our bodies speak to us (have pain)?

I have a liver issue, and here are the many ways to tune in and expand:

Now, I’ll digress.

I listened to a few of the gene keys audios for yesterday, the ones I was less familiar with, and got messages of:

“love thy neighbor as thy self, because they are thy self, and then you will know love”, and that

“true silence is alive, it’s where we came from, and many people are afraid of it, so they develop addictions to avoid the weight of the world, instead of letting it into their hearts”.

And prior to, that day, (but there is no time), a friend sent me information about a new technology to teach kids mindfulness in a game format, because “life is so stressful and mental health is in crisis”, he wanted to know my thoughts, which were:

“Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of thoughts. 1) good they are crowd funding, so if ppl want this, they will fund them to build it. 2) if a child has stress and anxiety they need a trustworthy skilled adult to talk to, not a device. 3) mindfulness means hearing our truth and changing our life so that we are living more in alignment with our truth, all of these devices teach people to separate from their life to find peace, but not change their life, because they are not “allowed” to change their life, so, in a way, it’s no different than symptomatic bandaids. The problem is not that the child is stressed, but that the parent and school insists on forcing the child into an environment that is not conducive for healthy childhood development. I know, not everyone can be “like me” and for those who can’t, maybe they think this will help buffer kids from a terrible childhood. But, how about not giving your child a terrible childhood? It’s inconvenient when kids follow their truth, but if you let them, they teach you something amazing. Does that help? Thoughts? I’m at least glad they are not scanning and inducing brain states, kids’ brains are not ready for that. But, to me, this is an insult to a child, with real needs. Where are the parents?”

Which led me to think:

“the reason only 2% of the population are a fit for my services is: most people want to use what I know to force and manipulate others, but, all I can show you is to have compassion for self and others, and there are some, but few, who actually seek to enjoy what it feels like to be a good person, even though it’s a universal feel good emotion, that I thought all would be striving for”.

He agreed with my assessment, and then I added:

“There are however some kids who’s parents want them out of a stressful situation and who’s kids want to stay in, for them this may be good, because, with that time away, they may find space to make better choices. And, sometimes, what the parents want for them they think is better, but it’s worse.

There are sadly many kids who prefer to speak to AI automated tech when they are feeling suicidal than speak to a person, because a person takes it personally, whereas the AI just “listens”.”

…which then resulted in me removing the RaisingConsciousnessApp from my email footer:

Because, it is also essentially talking to a machine, rather than to a person. Although, what it is doing, is taking a person through a process, to work on with themselves, which is also what (I hope) the AI suicide prevention protocols do. And it was only meant to be a tiny example of what a live divine healing session with me could provide.

Then I saw a device people have inserted into their bodies, and into their kids’ bodies, to make life easier, and I thought omg my original article is gone. How on earth do I get out of this? So many opinions, all of them right?

This is something else that has been bothering me:

All of these pro alternative health people, who speak about love, turning violent and also “less smart”, when the thought was only people who V become less smart, apparently hatred (for anyone) is more damaging than a leaking dee-en-eh V.

I think it’s because the tides are changing, and they want to hold onto their position, not realizing that it makes them just as bad as the other. We all have to let go (samsara is clinging onto what we have, which means it is only going to be taken from us, so we can suffer and grow, it’s why no one wants to come back):

Why so many references to war? Who wants protection for just 8yrs? Propaganda is defined as driving one narrative, but, when I looked propoganda up a while ago, I found it to mean: “to use strong emotion to drive a story”, which means I use propaganda sometimes too, and so do they, and there are many stories.

Thankfully, someone saved me:

We are all of value. The subconscious is like the ocean, it holds the data, people living subconsciously are living in survival mode, we need them. The unconscious are those driving any onesided narrative, they are like the currents in the ocean, they don’t really understand, but they assume someone else does, so they follow them (all sides lead to hate and war, because no other perspective is valued).

Another lesson from the gene keys yesterday was:

“To discern means to listen. We are good at setting up committees, with great intention to work together and do good, but then we fail to listen”

And finally, there’s those who are conscious, who are just a drop of water, and if they fail to recognize that they are also part of the ocean, they are useless.

Those who are conscious connect all different aspects of anything, as simple as the colour red. What are all the things red can represent in its totality?

To re-member, is to put things together again, to re-cord (to write it down), is to bring it to and through our hearts, and consciousness is to chop up the light, so we can see it and put it together again.

The u-niverse folds in to look upon itself. Di-versity gives us two perspectives to compare, so we need a third perspective to look from to do the comparison. And that’s it, the trinity, 4 times, the 12 astrology signs, are how spirit/information in-forms matter/body, via the bodily systems mentioned, by going through the soul/emotion/energy, defined by astrology.

They don’t teach you this in school because school is subconscious. And then people “wake up” or are “woke” (depending on who’s insulting who) and find someone to collectively hate, and this makes them unconscious. While I appreciate what these people uncover and share, because it saves lives to know more, it’s not enough to stop there, and it doesn’t justify driving hate.

Whether it’s the W E F or the conscious who are seen as using the people “below” to construct their society or understanding, it almost feels the same.

But, the speaker above says:

He plans to pivot his teaching, to drive a new way to govern ourselves, where, if you have a faulty body system, you can not accurately receive information from spirit (your smartphone or computer is unable to download or use the app), and if you have an incomplete astrology, you need to do more work to open up the soul’s path (sadly, you may need more wireless bandwidth).

And the way to lessen the impact of increasing Eee Em Eff is to:

1) understand your self, because we only build technology to understand our selves, and

2) let go, detox, we can not be made sick if there is nothing in us for the alternative vibration to hold onto and distort.

Stop complaining and start doing!

His definitions for spirit, soul, and body, are very similar to Esogetic Medicine, and maybe this is why I was drawn to detox modalities (which includes RestoreChi), and not just psychology.

We can do this, we are one, we all matter, that is the only acceptable solution, among all others.

At the beginning of his talk the speaker said he was more nervous there than he is at gun point. My guess is this is because of spiritual arrogance, most of it wrong. At gun point, the speaker has the advantage of being consciousness, standing in front of subconsciousness, who doesn’t have a clue what it means to be conscious. This is probably easier than standing in front of unconsciousness, who thinks they are superior, consciousness, and right.

None of us alone are right, it’s the collective being put together that may or may not be enough to define what is right. That’s the game.

I hope to have done this justice, and made for a useful starting point, for you to ponder and refer to, as you decide to grow more.

The Healy can also propose what gene key / i’ching lessons are most appropriate for your information system to process, at any given time.

Here‘s a good rule of thumb: if it does’t feel like love, it’s not. Sometimes you have to hear something hard (because it rattles your ego, and who wants to rebuild their fragile ego?), but some are gifted enough in compassion (defined half way down here, look for the image) to tell you in a way that it is “funny, but true”, and this is who I choose to learn from.

Gratitude to us all.


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