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The psychology of birth and death, supported by Esogetic Medicine

This video ( contains very important concepts:

We are born into every new moment, and health includes our old self constantly dying, in order to evolve into who we have the potential to be.

What happens to us during our birth process stays with us throughout life, unless we reframe it.

Stan Grof speaks to 4 perinatal periods: 1) in the womb, where all our needs are meet automatically, and we have room to grow, 2) the womb gets tight, our movement gets limited, and then the contractions start, but the cervix is not open, there is no way to escape, 3) the cervix opens, there are still contractions, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, 4) the shock of birth, cut from mom (or our dark twin/shadow, the placenta), water to air, and then being reunited with source/mom, finally, face to face, are we accepted/loved?

These experiences repeat as we go through difficult periods of growth and change.

Birth is an important victory for the baby, but, in truth, mom does all the work, the baby’s arms are hopeful pinned backwards, all he/she has to do is trust, and the same for us, in this life mama/source/spirit guides us and does all the work, but the victory feels like it’s ours.

Finally, doctors don’t deliver babies, they catch them. We meddle too much in nature, we think we have to control it or it won’t work, we have little faith. That said, we live in a bit of a broken world, where things don’t work as they should for many, and some of us seek experiences that are outside the norms of health.

Esogetic medicine can help support birth trauma to be integrated, so it need not be turned into a negative story, that we tell ourselves, for why our life is hard. Esogetic medicine treatments can also support the death process: letting go, transformation, and birth into the next version of our self.

The video above also shares that we are collectively responsible for playing doula to the birth of a new way of living. This includes our increased population size, and the increased sense of pressure and control from the outside.

Its easy to say: war, control, and anti- everything (killing as opposed to acceptance of natural death) has already been done and we need to evolve. And, this is one of the saddest cartoon that I’ve seen in a while. We’ve been through so much as a collective, can we really go back to not caring about each other?

One thing I have learned from Esogetic Medicine is: we can all come here and have different experiences, some about war, some about peace. We can shift our experience by paying attention to the impact of the stories we tell ourselves and others. And, just because we shift, doesn’t mean others have to or will. Maybe war means some people need that extra layer of karma to be burned, and it’s not up to me to judge.

Sending love 💕

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