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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

A spiritual teacher once said “we are all ascending, the whole of Mother Earth is ascending, but this time is different from all the others, this time we get to take our bodies with us...” in fact this resonates so much inside me now, that I feel I may have heard this from multiple teachers.

And how do we “take our bodies with us”, what does this mean?

Usually our bodies die and our souls move on, but now “we get to take our bodies with us”. If we get to take our bodies with us, then our bodies have to lose their “density”.

Density is all the garbage that we carry.

We are full of garbage! From the food we eat to the toxins we breathe and the stuff we cake onto our bodies (because we don’t like the way we look without it). We are also filled with emotional toxins - the things we refused to process, the trauma, the guidance (because the guidance came in a form of disappointment: “no you may not pursue that, here is a cold /headache /pain /depression /anxiety /virus to tell you no!” but many of us do not listen, many people have spent too long not listening).

I created a video yesterday, showing people how they can clear their body of all these blockages (or at least make an effort), and the response I got was: “that is too much work, the only thing we really miss is McDonald’s, I hope the young people go back out and work, so that they can keep the economy going, and we shelter the elderly until a drug comes out to save us”. There is no drug. Sorry to say.

I took an anti-malaria vaccine (in pill form), which I hear is one of the drugs they are considering trying to use in this situation. All it did was put me into a major depression, which forced me to make major changes in my life.

Strong vaccines are an immune challenge. If you add an immune challenge to someone who is already under chronic stress (let’s say: fear of death, cooped up in isolation etc.) you get a dys-regulated immune system, the balance can no longer be maintained, and the body launches a major depression.

If my Masters in Neuroscience and Psychology, specializing in Stress and Health, and speaking with some brilliant scientists, who I was lucky enough to call my teachers and friends, taught me anything, it’s this ^^!

Ten years after taking the vaccine and triggering my major depression I was finally able to come off my psychiatric drugs because I had done the work = a year of finding my self through Human Design and Soul Contract and forgiving myself and giving myself permission to be me through Divine Healing, Gene Keys, and Astrology.

We are currently 3yrs after that date (10+3=13).

Thirteen is the divine feminine, who has more wisdom than you can imagine, and she pressures no one, she trusts, the right people will come to drink what she has to offer and they will discover she has so much more, she carries in her unconditional love, which at a soul level we all seek, and she shares what she knows (this is one of my soul destinies in my Soul Contract).

Back to “there are no drugs for this”: I intuitively asked “why the front line workers are suffering so much?”, and what I get is “this is the only way for them (and us) to see that their model does not work!”

We can not rely on another to “heal” us or “save” us. If you want to “take your body with you” you have to know how to listen to and care for your body!

The person above (who is only missing McDonald’s and is waiting for a cure) said to me “when you have a headache, you take a pill“, but I haven’t done that for a while.

When I have a headache I stop what I am doing that is causing my headache and I process my headache out (this is what I think we have to do with this virus too!):

And lets clarify what “take your body with you means”, it means NOT DIE!

There’s a wonderful video by Richard Rudd in my last post, which says we are just souls going in and out of life and death, like a embroidery needle piercing the fabric, up side, down side, in and out, life and death. There is a beautiful book (bottom right):

...which teaches us non-grasping, letting go of the body, not fearing the process, not being scared back into reincarnation. There are people and modalities that aid in “refusing to play this game of life and death”.

Now you have to ask yourself “why do we want to take our body with us?” Why not just die and get a newer, younger, healthier body?

People say “this is an unprecedented time for humanity“, but it’s actually not, not if you can look across spiritual time and beyond our school books.

This has happened before, not exactly the same, but the ”people” in power have destroyed their planet before, and we are getting a chance to maybe not do that this time, and that is why this is important.

Do we, as a collective, have the heart to drop our defenses and our greed and our survival instincts to switch to Love?

This video (from Gaia TV):

...suggests that there were at least two types of “people”, those who dumped their emotions in favor of intellect and those who retained their emotions and are “further behind” (aka us!).

In the next dimension (the 5th, they created the 4th dimension only because the jump from the 3rd to the 5th was too big, we needed a transition level - likely what we are in now) they create and destroy at will. But, without emotions the "people" currently in the 5th dimension have no concept of the consequences to their actions. They can not feel: “if I say or do this people will feel that and then I will feel this and therefore this is not a good idea right now” which is pretty much what I process in order to navigate, every time I write, to find the proper timing, the proper words, and the proper place to publish. Why do you think I run so many magazines and write on so many platforms? The doors close when I do not listen to my guidance, the technology fails, the kids wake, I lose my phone, I lose my work!

Anyhoo, the point was: all these anxieties many people have been medicating, that was your truth!!!

Stop trying to be what people want you to be, be YOU!

All those pains in your body are issues you have not addressed. I feel them too in my own body. From a 3D perspective they say “medicate pain so it doesn't flare up and get worse”. Pain flares up and gets worse because we don’t listen. For example, my left foot hurts when I am too afraid to share what I know...

So what do we do? The spiritual people are waiting, or speaking, and the 3D folk are scrambling. Some spiritual folk say “just let the old ways and systems die, don’t try to recreate them, don’t fight them, they die on their own”.

But I am not ok with holding my silence, if sharing what I know can help:

Process your pain, clear your body, take it with you, your body is a gift, that those who went ahead do not have, they do not know their truth, they do not have morals like we do, they do not remember trauma, they do not remember that mean person who put them in their place so that they know how to use their power with integrity.

You have learned lessons through your experience and these lessons are stored in your cellular memory! In your body! Don’t numb them away!

Sit with yourself, love yourself, love your family and friends, for where they are at. We are in this together, and alone.

There is a reason why some of us suffer more in these times and some of us suffer less. If you are suffering, you may have more work to do to claim your body, your life, your right, your boundaries, your personal power.

Reach out to those who suffer less, see if they understand, if their arms are open with integrity.

Anyone at this time playing a manipulative money game, I’m sorry, now is not the time, unless you want that lesson to go with you too...

Sending you all love. I am not a prophet. I am here. I know who I am. I step into who I am. I share from my heart, that which is aligned. Through the pain I have experienced, this is what is allowed to come out. And if this is what is allowed to come out, then it is probably True! My truth, any ways.

There is a lot on my website, I’d say half of it doesn’t matter any more, or at least not now.

You need to know: Who you are, How you function, What you are here to do, Clear your own garbage, Have empathy for your loved ones (and the ones you live with, as we are all in a pressure cooker with our most karmic triggers - our family or our selves, you know what I mean). Love yourself, you have a life plan, use the spiritual technology for good.

Love and Bless, Strong Family, Strong Light!

You are never alone!

Stay inside!

God is inside each and every one of us - check out the vlogs coming out now by Carolyn Myss for more on that.

I asked myself yesterday, prompted by a book I am reading that teaches us to stay humble and grounded in our spiritual transformation “am I channeling god?“ the answer was ”yes”, but then I clarified “is god inside each and every one of us?”, and the answer is “a hesitant yes”.

You need to clear out your shit, as I continue to clear out mine. If you want to create and destroy in the next dimension you can only do so in a sober, responsible, aligned, and emotionally tuned-in form.

I hope to see you there. Sorry if this message was written too soon, but it will be here, if and when you are ready. Grounding heaven on earth!

Namaste ~ the light in me recognizes the light in you!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

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