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They are using their white body supremacy to help, as they should!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

As one of the early mixed raced kids, I was often asked if I fell in the mud on the way to school. When I was in high school, the default thought was: “of course the boys wouldn’t like me and would like my white friends”. I have always been asked to declare my non-white learning-disabled status, so that the government could count me as a way they are not being racist by hiring me. When, I’d rather be hired or not, based on my merit. If I bring up that black people may be afraid to come somewhere that appears to be in the middle of nowhere and white dominated, this makes white people very uncomfortable. The truth is, even Gabor Mate, who was treated worse than dirt for being Jewish, admits that here in North America, his status changes to white male.

So this group of Canadian, Jewish, and Métis have to understand they look white, so do the Eastern Europeans who strongly support them, because they remember the loss of freedom. But, the difference is, they are using their white body supremacy to create unity, not division! They won’t even let the block speak up and turn it into an anti Canada political campaign. The woman says it best “my father always said, if they are talking about you, they are leaving someone else alone”. See their video here:

Also, to be considered, I watched this video today: which reminded me of growing up in Ottawa and the grade 7 art oratoire experience, where many of us aired our trauma from home in French, and the best trauma, the one that didn’t offend or create a need to actually help kids, got to compete in the regionals and provincials. And then, the beginning of this video: where he puts down liberal beliefs, that I think is just an overflow of the abolition of slavery, because, what most don’t know, is the majority of Americans were pro slavery, because they finally got to treat someone as bad as they were treated in their home country.

And the author of this book, who says “fundamentalists need to face their shadow, which is that they truly do love war, they want to be right, and everyone who disagrees with them are wrong!”. Please pay particular attention to the images, read the text too, if you want:

As a tag on, to the first video, do watch this to understand what the woman mentions, about the treatment of minorities and their drinking water, soil, safe haven, and water highways (JT has a cameo there too):

Now you see the depth of trauma that needs to be healed. Not just that our parents let us down and have become unkind when we decided not to V.

Yesterday I visited the black hole, and here’s the thing, I can see the other side, I can spin to break ties with here to enter it, but I can’t move too far into it, because it is here, not way up there. I spend most of my time sitting at the border, of the narrow end, connecting the black and white hole (see the image above). I can not make anyone come, or even help them. They have to work through their trauma, own it, and choose peace (again, see image above, now is 2011/2012, delayed in manifestation, imo). Esogetic Medicine and Divine Healing have helped me a lot, to be able to let go, in ways I didn’t even know I could or needed to.

Sending love, and gratitude.

Every time we steal a moment that just is, we place a pearl on a string, and at the end of the day, we may have a necklace, of peace, and gratitude. From this book:

…while I don’t agree with her push for codependency and blind faith in manifestation, ignoring our thoughts and emotions, which are actually requests to heal trauma. I’m far more responsible, grounded, and truly willing to heal than that!

Everything is choice. The way we treat others, and the way we understand (or not), that letting go of trauma is messy, but critical.

You can’t say “your kids are going to change the world” if you keep living in fear and hatred and trauma. No one should have that kind of pressure on them. We each decide the world that we want to live in now. We don’t place any of this responsibility or glory on our kids, imo.


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