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We leave clues for ourselves, and our bodies remind us, when the time is right...

I have a tattoo on my right shoulder, the shadow side, of where the lessons of Mars would sit on our bodies. Mars is what we are willing to fight for.

First of all, this is an exhausted Balsamic Moon, she has seen it all play out, and she has regrets.

Second of all, there is a melting clock. And, if you look at the gallery (below), for the origin of the melting clock, and the time displayed on the original clocks, you may notice something:

The clocks in Salvador Dali’s paintings (above) point to 6 o’clock and there is no second hand.

Yesterday I was watching a video on Disney+ with my kids, and they showed an animation based on Salvador’s work, with the time pointing to 5 o’clock.

It occurred to me, that I had no idea what time the clock on my shoulder displayed, so I looked in the mirror, and noticed that the time on my back said 5 o’clock.

Then, I asked my husband to confirm, and he said the clock on my back read 8 o’clock.

I made some comment about “maybe I have it backwards because I had to look in a mirror to see it”, and then he said “no, the second hand points to the 5, and the hour hand points to the 8”.

Remember, Salvado’s work (above), had no second hand!

If you watch the videos in this article: Using Astrology (and more) to integrate a walk-in soul will discover that I have been told that I carry two souls.

The first soul has a numerology of 5 (the Hierophant: right and wrong) and the second soul has a numerology of 8 (Justice: needing to weigh every action against the weight of a feather, is it worth it, or will it unbalance my karma too much to act?).

In addition, my Soul Contract has a dominant vibration of 8 (working with the elements). Because I know this about myself, I have chosen to learn many modalities that work with the elements, including: Astrology, RestoreChi, Find Your Truth, and Elemental Magic.

5s also run through myself and my family as a dominant Soul Contract energy. In Soul contract, 5 is about identifying and speaking truth and being a pioneer.

In addition, you can see that Salvador painted one of his clocks in 1954.

If you add the digits in this year together (1+9+5+4) you get the number 20, which is represented by 20-2 in Soul Contract.

20-2, in Soul Contract, is about great movement, moving on quickly once a lesson is learned, choosing between outer war or inner peace, seeing things from multiple perspectives, taking time to make wiser choices, based on past experiences, and being able to support and protect others. The 20-2 is another Soul Contract energy that I carry.

Astrologically, the 20 in Soul Contract is associated with Saturn (Kronos, the god/planet of time, what the Disney+ video I watched with my kids, mentioned above, was supposed to be about). The 5 is Aries (god of war, associated with the planet Mars). The 8 is associated with the astrological sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon (what the clock on my right shoulder is melting over), which is associated with the 2 in Soul Contract.

Also, if you fail to learn the lesson of healthy boundaries, very much associated with all these Soul Contract numbers, you may end up developing cancer in your body, in order to teach you this lesson with your life on the line!

The 8, 5, and 2 are also the most highly sensitive numbers in the Soul Contract system (and the Moon and Cancer are the most sensitive planets and signs, which get disregulated right from the start, ages 0-3yrs, if there is poor attachment or support from one‘s parents).

Its no wonder that I find it very painful to be here. But I am here, nonetheless.

I find it so interesting, that I would randomly choose this tattoo over 25yrs ago, and only be learning about its true meaning for me now.

I bet you left similar clues for your self, to discover who you truly are and what you were meant to do in this lifetime!

Are you ready to uncover your true path, again?

If so, reach out!

Love, bless, and strong, now and always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

Where we suffer is where we grow:

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