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We shortchange each other all the time, and why we really need to sleep...

A couple of weeks ago, our son fell and hurt his wrist. Actually, he dislocated both his elbows, his wrists, and sprained and strained one of his wrists (meaning both the bone and the muscle were impacted, but no break).

I tried many modalities to try to help him. Some I am trained in, and one was a simple mlm product that touts miracle cures. Still he wanted an xray, or to be seen by a doctor. Thankfully, our first line of professional health care is our chiropractor, who was able to determine that it was not a break using a tuning fork to see where the vibration continues and stops, and a small reflex hammer to track the path of pain. Then she was able to feel and do the needed adjustments.

While it is nice to have some modalities we can do on our own, and mine are helpful if the pain/illness is a stuck lesson, sometimes the lesson is mine to see something new, offered by someone else, who studies and does the work, day after day.

And, the stick on mlm solution is great, if you have a pinpoint pain that is no more complex, but we should not discount the expertise of someone who is trained and experienced, nor should they discount our ability to try something on our own too.

Also, I learned that some modalities/tools are alive, like RestoreChi, who's cream was the only modality (other than seeing the chiropractor again) that my son asked to be reapplied, and some are dead (i.e., programmed by a machine to do one thing once and then that's it).

We train in modalities to give them life, and to pass on their life/information. Colour Light Therapy (Esogetic Medicine) is alive because of the wisdom behind it and between the practitioner and client, both on the mind and body level.

And, finally, sleep, well, when I lose sleep, my RestoreChi expert says "run liver, spleen, and full healing". It used to just be run liver to aid detox, or to stop the liver from waking you as it is attempting to detox. But, if you look at these Esogetic Treatments, you will see something interesting:

Median Turbulence means our truth, the information in our belly, cannot reach our thinking brain, because it is blocked by the tension we hold in the same areas that you find your liver and spleen. Tension is conflict, because our truth conflicts with what we perceive we need to do to fit in or please others. But, on a soul level, we all want the other to walk their truth, because this is what serves the whole much better in the end, and why we are here to play roles for each other, to support their growth. Because we are one.

We know that in TCM the spleen is the mother after birth, and it is associated with worry. I have often tried to imagine who the father might be, perhaps the liver, which is associated with anger. Anger is not bad, it gives us the energy to take action and to make needed change, to set better boundaries, to express and be our selves in this world. It is the role of the father to teach us these things.

I also think this treatment is curious: that it equates the senses and the sensitivity of our skin (our boundary) to the liver, spleen, thyroid, and feet.

While I don't want to go so far as to lose the reader's ability to follow, it seems the inner organs are the intuitive portion to our outer senses. Fear is intuition, worry is intuition, we just need to know what to do with these feelings when they come up, so they are put to their intended use, and they do not become chronic.

And, the feet and hands, as I included an image above: the feet are the unconscious that lands in the body and destroys the body, while the hands are what we use to give and take, and to try to understand (destroyed a bit currently with the increase of EMF technology, impacting our nervous system and muscle/tendon tension). Both feet and hands can be led astray.

One foot tells us about our ability to dream (which means to process conflict, as well as organize and detox our head brain) and the other about our ability to go into deep sleep and repair our physical body.

The spleen is about muscle repair, and the liver is about detox. Full healing (from a RestoreChi perspective) can be seen as the essence, supporting the essence of health, the movement of chi, through all appropriate channels, assuming no major blockages, that require specialized support and attention.

We need to honour each other, and all parts of our selves, our practitioners and our children. Our need for sleep, which is to access our foundation, our truth, our guidance, our information, our spirit team. When connected to our truth, to our roots, no matter how inconvenient they may be, we will always have health. Anyone who struggles to sleep or who struggles with depression (liver related) or anxiety (spleen related) is not being honest or walking in alignment with their truth. When we refuse to ground and receive our truth, because we are afraid to see who we truly are, we lose our health and our potential, and others morn the loss, and this is ok, because we all have choice.

We need to sleep to have health, because it connects us to our truth, and clears out what is not true for us. Whether you use Esogetic Medicine, or RestoreChi, just keep supporting your self to unfold, with the greatest ease possible. Life is hard enough, and the lessons are definitely much more amazing than anything mainstream would have you believe that you need to follow.

This work is not for everyone, just those who are ready.

I hope this helps, or inspires.

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