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When you make the right choices your reality changes

I’ve lost people in my life many times. This is because I out grow them. There’s always a period when you outgrow people, where you feel like you’re alone. It’s hard because you know you’ve out grown them, and you can’t make them grow, as they are entitled to staying in their vibration as long as they need to, to learn the lesson, even if that is never. And this doesn’t always mean good bye forever either, just until they grow, or until you grow enough, that you can stand in your new beliefs, and still hold space for them where they are at, with no need to change them.

Lately I have been thinking that the government may have simply not trusted that people could care for themselves using self care techniques, and that the only way to help them would be through isolation, distance, Ms, and Vs (even if they don’t work well and have a heavy risk and cost). But then the government also couldn’t trust that everyone who they felt needed it would take it, or that everyone who didn’t want it could actually care for themselves, without overloading the health care system. They didn’t realize the fatal flaws were 1) to build a society where people lean on the government for self care, and 2) not trusting that people can make their own decisions, and that if their decision has a negative impact, the government can also decide to close their healthcare service. The more honest choice, that they could have offered to the people was a) learn to self care or b) take this product to make our care of you easier.

I lose friends when I don’t want to see them hurt themselves, when I want to show them another way, this turns their violence on me. I lose friends when I see them hurting children, they seem most offended by the fact that I can see it. I lose friends when I see that their enlightenment is not enlightened, just violence at someone else’s action, whom they judge as lower than them and wrong. I sit alone, and I am fine with it. It’s quiet, there is no one to talk to about my steps in growth, but, it’s better this way than being stuck in a revolving door, when I know I am getting nauseous, and my exit was a while ago.

People have a lot of unhealed trauma. Things went wrong in the past. People don’t realize that we are in a new dimension now, and that those behaviors are not tolerated here. People can try, but nothing of a lower vibration can hold weight, whether it’s evil people doing it, or people who believe they are good (as they do evil). People need to do whatever they need to do to let it go, and that is what all of this is about, imo.

When I get the point, my life changes.

I was doing some Divine Healing healing on my teeth/gums, which lead to the areas of my body that needed attention (solar plexus, pineal gland, pituitary). And then later, as I lost more sleep, the finger crying out for attention (in Esogetic Medicine terms) also asked for similar areas to be healed (hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary), due to having had parents who were heartless, and this puts my own heart at risk for muscle spasm, when my unconscious is under stress.

While I have been serving spirit (or my ego) more than my body can handle lately, hence the loss of sleep, payback was losing my ability to read, due to loss of sleep. Turns out spirit wanted me to come home (which is where I go in my sleep) to heal, not to do more work.

I usually treat my body to improve my sleep, to help my whole body process the unresolved conflict, but, yesterday I treated just my brain, and the reflection of my brain in my low back (an area that often hurts when we feel unsupported).

When I first learned Soul Contract, it was clear my son carried more power than me, and this meant he felt scared and unsupported, because he knew I could not yet handle him being his full self, which he needed to be able to work through, in order to claim his gifts. SC9 is considered the strongest number in the system. It’s the dragon and the Strength tarot card and the peacemaker. To hold and direct peace takes strength and knowing how to work with energy:

Changing my name to be able to hold space for my son, has changed things greatly:

Now I am faced with two girls, who, like their father, carry clashing karmic SC1, which is about manipulation or integrity, and safe place to heal. It feels like this when both sides pull:

Thankfully I carry SC1 as a talent, so I am tasked to navigate this. What we navigate in our family, we can navigate in the world, when our job at home is done.

I am sending love to all, as you navigate where you are at. If you feel alone, you’re not, you’re integrating. Even technology, whom some can say censors us and blacklists us and doesn’t let our emails through, well, do you really think spirit would allow technology to do something that doesn’t also serve your personal growth, and the greater whole?

I write to me, I write to you. I am grateful to be a channel, especially when all the energy supports me, to both write acurately and rest in peace. And trust me, finding this alignment is not a path of ease, but one of surrender and gratitude to the request for change.

ps. What I have been most bothered by is mandating 12yrs+ to V or miss out, and my thinking on this is: they have been on the earth plane long enough to have baggage to clear, and this is what this choice is about. Everything taken from those who are Vfree or notVenough is a distraction from our own inner work and personal power and ability to serve and to be all that we can be. It’s sad, but it’s the price to pay to get out of galactic quarantine. And kids born younger, who’s parents are making this choice for them, super sad, but also, what it takes for them to wake up and step into their power. Sending love to all, it’s tougher for those who came into this world asleep, but staying asleep is a choice full of pain, no one needs to add to that with their hatred and judgment.

What if there is no evil? Just a bunch of miss-takes. Mistakes are how we learn. Wouldn’t thinking this way allow for the quickest move forward, where we all take ownership of letting go of our own part in this? Who cares if someone else gets off scott free, there is no scott free, we all deal with our own in the end anyways. Grow into love, or continue to suffer, that is all there is in this reality, from here in out, imo. Even the clinics are bringing back toys for the kids in their waiting rooms. Enough is enough. We can all lead with kindness and choice for all.


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