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A complex father son relationship!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

This article demonstrates the beauty of understanding each family members' Soul Contract, Human Design, and Astrology, as well as the important interactions between family members!

Take a look at my husband and son's Soul Contracts:

Father and Son - Soul Contract

Whenever you have the same number in a karma or goal line, this is called a clash. This means you are both working on the same goal, but it's a intensified experience when you are together, because people with clashes work on their goals by bringing out the worst in each other, so they can get to the other side.

They have a physical goal clash of 8-8, this is an issue of boundaries and feeling like they can't get on the same page or they can't get enough of each other's time. And, this happens. I receive numerous calls from my son when I am away that "dad said he would play and he is not".

They have clashing physical goals 5-5. This means they are both pioneers and here to be assertive and get their truth out! It also means that they will yell their truth at each other if they have to. Yup, this happens!

They have clashing spiritual karma 14-5. I also have this. This means we have a karmic multidimensional relationship and will learn a lot about ourselves through interacting with each other. It is also a sign of Scorpio mixed with Aries, the warrior who sees things very deeply, and buried spiritual talent. I've unearthed my spiritual talent, my son probably will too. It will be harder for my husband to do so, because he put a spiritual karma 10-1 in his chart which says "I absolutely am not getting into spirituality in this life time", but if he did, it would be his greatest gift.

My husband is stubborn in many ways. He knows it and can laugh about it. He actually did this life with me to be my rock, and let me shine, because previous lifetimes did not work out so well for me!

They both have spiritual goals 19-1 (and note my son also has a physical goal 19-1). This means they are here to create a safe space for people to come to laugh, heal, and be held in high integrity. This is our home, and potentially a center in the future to host our clients.

Finally, my son had physical talent 21-3 and spiritual karma 9-9. These are incredibly hard to have on board. 21-3 is doing life the hard way to build endurance, and spiritual karma 9-9 is feeling very dis-empowered by others so one learns to use their power properly. It's also a gift to others because it positively supports them to work through their spiritual karma. In my case he was able to push me through my depression and support me to reclaim my spiritual gifts. I am forever grateful!

When he was 5yrs old we changed the spelling of his first name. We put an 18-9 into his physical talent to blast through life being so hard (21-3) and we put an 17-8 in his spiritual talent, so he could really feel his dis-empowerment and start to speak up for himself, and he has! We also shifted his physical talent 10-1 to his soul destiny position (which is always a sign that you are moving someone in the right direction), and look who else has a natural soul destiny of 10-1? Daddy.

The soul destiny 10-1 is here to understand why we are really here, follow the curves of spirit, be in high masculine, and balanced male- female integrity. Pretty powerful stuff.

The interesting thing is, a lot of family "forget" or "refuse" to acknowledge the new spelling of our son's name. This is in part because they disagree and think this is silly, and in part because subconsciously they can feel the shift in power and potential, and people don't like others to step into their power, because then they feel pressure to do the same.

If we switch to Astrology: My husband is born under a first quarter moon (bottom of this chart below), and my son is born under a last quarter moon (top of this chart below).

This means my husband is working at breaking away from tradition, which irks his family - we do not raise our kids the way our family sees fit. We respect them instead of trying to control them.

My son is even further down the trajectory. The last quarter moon is beyond the full moon (full understanding) and is now trying to tear down parts of the system that did not work (I.e., the school system and how kids are treated by society, in general). Both of these moon phases are painful, at their own expense.

On top of that my husband has a Scorpio moon, and my son has a Scorpio ascendant. Both of these are tough. They say only the most advanced souls would take on a Scorpio ascendant because they would be terribly misunderstood by most and quite stormy because they are dealing with a lot inside of themselves.

Thankfully I have a Scorpio sun that is conjunct (side by side) Uranus and Mercury in the 7th house. Which makes me incredibly skilled to work one on one with tough cases, like this, and more.

Finally in Human Design, if you combine my husband and son's chart (below) you see all centers are coloured in. This makes for a very locked in and close relationship, with zero room to grow and breathe or for others to come in.

Father and Son combined Human Design chart

Thankfully, my Human Design combined with my son's colours in all centers except the crown (below). So we are here to grow intellectually together. Which we both find enjoyable!

Mother and Son combined Human Design chart

And my husband and my combined Human Design chart colours in all centers except the heart (below), which is a more painful growth at first, but once you get over the initial feelings of unworthiness, I think it can be lovely and full of unconditional love and knowing the value of life and others.

Husband and Wife combined Human Design chart

Finally, my husband's Human Design profile is a 4/6, which means he is here to get along and be a role model, and my son's Human Design profile is a 6/2, which means he is a role model upfront and naturally talented, but he has to determine his own area of interest, if we try to mold him, he will suffer.

Not to mention they both carry Manifesting Generator energy in their Human Design which means they just want to be satisfied and at peace doing what they love. And if you try to force or control them or if they try to force things to happen, man oh man are they ever going to get frustrated and angry!

And if we trace back to me for a second. I am a 1/3 projector with a completely open emotional center. This means that I build a solid foundation in what I know, I am not afraid of trial and error, I feel everyone's emotions 10-fold and I can use this as information of where everyone is at, if I also do some amazing self-care.

I also have my intuition, mind, and identity fixed and connected to my throat (in Human Design), so I can voice all parts of me.

And by Soul Contract I have a soul destiny 13-4 which means complete unconditional love and wisdom beyond what you can see to share with others.

I also adopted a new name to support me to break through my issues and to be powerful enough to hold space for my son and blast my clients through what they are struggling with. Again, there was resistance from others to my new name, they felt the power, but SO WHAT!?

We choose our Astrology, Soul Contract, and Human Design before we are born, because we believe it will give us the best odds at attaining our life goals and lessons. I am always in awe of how well I chose. Of course, everything is done in consultation with our spiritual guides. But I remember life planning, and boy was it ever fun, and its a blast to live it out too!

Blessed to live this life with my family and to make a positive difference in the world!

Wouldn't you like to understand yourself and your family in this way?

What could look like all out war and conflict, could be beautifully managed if you could see it for what it is and allow each person to play their natural role.

No wonder my daughter guided me to all these modalities (starting from when I was pregnant with her), which I imported from the UK and the US, to be able to understand our family.

She is of course a 5/2 projector in Human Design, which means she is a natural leader, here to guide. You go girl! She is only 3yrs old! Watch her shine! But don't think you will ever see who she really is, the 5/2s and 2/5s are so captivating, you can never see their truth unless you ask them!

If you are interested in a FREE 15min consultation, go here.

Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology (Stress and Health)

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