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Accommodations, IEPs, and IHPs

Updated: Apr 5

I was speaking with the principal and founder of an alternative school that wants to focus more on healing. She left the education system to create her own school, because the needs of her children (despite one having accommodations) were not being met in the system.

I said that if her school were focused more on healing than on getting through the curriculum, then it would be like everyone having an IEP, and she corrected me to IHP. Let's take a look behind the scenes, using Soul Contract:

When the 12-3 is in the Soul Destiny position for a person, it means that they are an old soul who is on their 2nd or 3rd last life of a cycle, and as a result, they will want to experience as much as possible, because all experiences are encoded in cellular memory. If it appears elsewhere in a person's Soul Contract, it means the person may have to work through feelings of unworthiness, not to interrupt when another person is trying to teach them, but to listen, absorb, and respond, sharing the wisdom from the depths of their soul.

To give you an idea, it's associated with the High Priestess Card in the Tarot, and also the planet Mars (where we want to take action). That's the 3.

The 12 is about expanding knowledge and love, seeing the good in people, but being kept on their path, by accident or illness, if they stray too far in the wrong direction. This is because, despite their passion, their path is specific.

The Foundation of anything but a person's name is who that "thing" draws in.

So an Individual Education Plan draws in the people I described above. This "thing" they engage with then apply what sits in the Abilities so that the person leaves feeling what sits in Success.

So, an Individual Education Plan is going to structure you (the 11), under the guise of supporting and protecting (2), but any structure that is built for us by another to suit their need is dysfunctional. We are the only ones capable of deciding what to include in our own structure of truth. In fact, the 11-2 is the number for learning disabilities, because people who carry this in their Soul Contract tend to struggle when people try to give them information without a structure that they know how to make sense of it.

If we move to Accommodations, we have to face the dragon (9) to even get in the front door. People who carry 9s in their own Soul Contract will perceive this to be disempowering. However, for those who can get past this, Accommodations then meet people where they are at, setting healthy boundaries (8), and have them leave with the ability to share and receive information (4).

When we move to the Individual Healing Plan, we see something similar, but different.

Again, they must face the dragon (9), but a 9 can have two meanings, it can disempower us in a way that we perceive as unfair or bad, or it can strip us of our ego, so we can work on ourselves and grow with integrity.

The Individual Healing Plan gives the same structure, support, and protection as the Individual Education Plan, but, it leaves the person in a place where they can be honest about who they are, all the things they are working on, that they may think are imperfect, so they can love themselves, giving others permission to be honest and heal too. Reconnecting people to work together in an open-hearted, positive, action-oriented way.

While this is just for play, it's also interesting to be open, to be kept honest by the energy, to know I am biased, but what's there is there. I don't think mainstream thinks about healing because they don't know how to heal, and if something can be healed, they expect it to be healed now, and then no accommodation is needed.

But, with an Individual Healing Plan, we take parts of our life lessons and put them on the table, to be actively worked on, accommodated as needed, until we find a way to work through it.

I find it super interesting how mainstream thinks only in terms of "is this too much for a person or too little?" there is no option for "actually this person is doing something completely different from that person, so they are more bothered by these things, because of the complexity of what they also have running in the background, that you don't see".

I tell my kids all the time "it may look like I'm just sitting here doing nothing, but I have a lot going on in my head"; articles I've written, or that I am writing, people I am texting, posts I have on social media, how to heal something for someone, etc.

May we be so lucky to be able to work with someone who will hold space for us and validate: yes, those are your lessons, and life lessons are hard, and I will work with you, to find a way to continue to try to figure it out, while also trying to share with you the impact you actions, state, needs, have on others.

It's hard to do when the kid to adult ratio is high, but not everyone is up for healing, so the majority will select themselves out. And then you only have to work with the ones who are open to it. We all need it, we can all do better, and helping anyone do better helps everyone. One more caring person in the world, with their needs met, so they are able to understand and support the needs of others. Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's leave our High Priestesses intact: be fair, I looked up the actual term, which I present in Soul Contract form below, with the acronyms (using the phonetic conversion table for spoken letters at the bottom of this page

An Individualized Education Program (and IEP) seem to do good things, but an IHP is still very different.

The prior attract people who are looking for structure, have adopted all kinds of dysfunctional patterns, have learning disabilities unless the information is structured in a way that they know how to receive it, and are seeking protection and support (11-2), or who tend to ask everyone else for their opinion, instead of finding their truth inside themselves, who get very frustrated when their creativity is blocked, and who get overwhelmed and discouraged easily, so they need to break their tasks down into very small achievable steps, so they can check them off as they go, and feel motivated by their accomplishments (15-6), meeting them where they are at (8), so they are able to receive and share information (4).

While the latter attracts souls who are very etheric, truth speakers, who are highly sensitive to cluttered energy (5), so they can learn to trust and follow spirit, in a high integrity, safe space, where they can heal (10-1), finally making the decision to follow their life path, no longer afraid of repeating their past mistakes, standing in their personal power, to travel far and facilitate peace in this world (18-9).

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