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Follow your bliss - clients who are willing to put in the effort, parents with sensitive kids (TRS)

Updated: May 4, 2023

This is so true:

While I should read my class notes, I don't want to. I've been doing treatment on myself, and it's best for me to rest.

I've been wanting to share some things.

First, Esogetics was designed by someone who works with people with very serious illness. But that's not how I want to use this modality.

Helping people with serious illness is very hard, because the nest they create to allow the illness to take hold, also makes it hard for them to let it go. Pulling them out it's often a struggle:

The work that I do requires equal effort on the client's part:

...and when someone is unwell, they often can't, so it's more like this:

I'm hoping that there are parents out there, who are motivated and have the ability to develop an understanding of themselves and their kids, who are strong enough to apply treatment, because their kids are canaries in a coal mine, and who are motivated to do so, because they know, the way their kids are, is in part their fault, when you take into consideration 6 generations of epigenetic garbage, society, and the prenatal period. Our kids are exactly what we need to learn how to support well, in order to help us to grow, and see all the baggage we've been carrying, that has finally come to a head, in our sensitive kids who can't take it anymore!

If you take a look at this sign: may notice something interesting. At high temperatures, no bacteria growth, at low temperatures, slow bacteria growth, and at mid temperatures, it's a bacteria party. Cold is trauma stored in our body. Mid temperatures is mainstream life. This is why we die young, we don't go up to the high temperatures to burn away what doesn't serve our health and well-being.

Check out this quote:

...and a few more from this book:

Especially in light of my experience with leg exhaustion in the following article, after unhooking the epigenetic garbage that I took on from my maternal and paternal line:

It's funny because, I did what the founder of Esogetic Medicine laughs about, which is to turn to supplements, for better building blocks, to address my symptoms (I do have an impressive supplement collection, thanks to my Medical Medium practitioner and others on my Outside Referrals page):

So, today, I followed the Esogetics advice, and did the multidimensional detox points on the back of the legs (shown about). And later, I finally had the energy to do my second Transmitter Relay session (TRS), which highlighted an block from 6yrs of age.

What comes to mind is age 6yrs represents the left middle finger, where we first meet the outside world and decide how we are going to be received. When I was 6yrs old, I decided to protect my younger sister, by going to her kindergarten class, and kicking a kid who was being mean to her. I was suspended (and my father praised me for it, that's probably when my academics turned into a way for me to try to make my father love me, but it was never good enough, and the things that made him proud we're based on his own evaluation of worth, not what mattered to me, neither of my parents or my sister are proud of who and what I represent now, as my self, oh well, I'd still rather be me). This was not the first (or the last time) I chose to stand up for her (or others) at my own expense. But the assumption that no one likes or appreciates me for what I have to offer can now be let go. I've also stopped eating when I'm not hungry, and I've stopped rushing to put away dishes that I am clearly still using to eat off of.

After my second Transmitter Relay session, I had a digestive pain over my left kidney. I applied Esogetic oil and RestoreChi cream and then did the combination treatment for the lung large intestine function circle. I could barely complete this treatment without the urge to have a bowel movement. Which I did, right after, and now I feel better.

Also, in doing this treatment, I finally opened a second bottle of Esogetic oil, instead of only allowing myself to have one at a time. Here are the tools I used, to allow my legs to have the energy they need, to walk this life, in balance with my past (left) and my destiny (right):

It's interesting too, because the bulk of the Tree of Life is on our head and torso, getting it down to Malkuth/Earth, is not something all of us are able to do:

I singled out the quote above, because it's the first time I've seen in print, that we can do things in this life, to make future lives easier.

Who would have thought, clearing out our body in one incarnation, would make it easier in future incarnation?

I thought the body was mortal, so the next body, would need cleaning out too.

But, I guess, when we learn to clean, we are able to start more clean, because we don't need the lesson of how to clean again. And our kids who struggle, are our opportunity to learn how to clean, while we still feel well enough to do the cleaning.

The first part of life was hard for me, and I'm sure it was for others too, I don't want to have to go through that again to get to where I am now, to learn something I could learn now.

I see a lot of people offering opportunities for moms who struggle being moms. That's good, but that's not me. I don't need to go out and do something else so that I can keep being a mom. I need to integrate my needs into my mom life, so that both me and my kids are well fed.

I hope this is helpful for some, to know what I have to offer and what's involved.

We are all on the same path, but not all of us will accomplish the same leg of the race in this lifetime, and that's ok.

Here is a post about this article, incase this article failed to make it clear:

I used to go for hydrocolonics, as shown on my Outside Referral page, but it is better to stimulate the body to dump the garbage itself, which is what the above treatment does. After a while, for me, my body starts to reject outside interventions. They are good for when we don't know how, but it only buys us time to learn how to do so ourselves, with a bit of help from seeing someone like Master Yan (RestoreChi), who can remove longstanding energetic blocks in less than an minute.

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