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Integration of Advanced Esogetic Techniques and when other modalities are used or avoided

Updated: Apr 1

This article is for my own sanity and organization.

I have taken the following courses, above and beyond the requirements for becoming a Certified Colorpuncture Practitioner and working towards earning a Diploma in Esogetic Medicine (which adds Kirlian images and Eye Diagnosis, to the selection and evaluation for the effectiveness of Esogetic treatments):

  • Pain Treatments: I shy away from this topic because I have made my own pain worse, however, I have had success with using the Esogetic Reflector Stick and book for pain.

  • Dream Treatments: I have also shied away from this topic because my issue was more insomnia than lack of dreams and, from a Human Design perspective, dreams are to be ignored, because they are programming that we can not defend ourselves from, and we simply need to remember (and trust) our strategy and authority when we wake up. However, the Esogetic perspective is: if a person doesn't remember their dreams, then they lose the ability to discharge emotional trash, and have a "bowel movement of the soul". So I will revisit this topic for my middle child (as she is under 9-12yrs old, so her brain is not developmentally ready to be exposed to the Dream brainwave program) to help her discharge emotional garbage. Esogetics also says that: dreams hold clues about our basic tendencies, with dubious morals and bad traits, dreams we can remember are a necessity for our development, because they show us conflicts that have long been shoved into our subconscious, and dreams never ask more of us than what we are capable of. I was happy to hear dreams were just programming, because I found what I assumed my dreams meant about me to be disturbing. Like my previous article, I was not ready to process any more triggers, one at a time, until we can forgive, love, and accept ourselves fully and unconditionally. However, like I tell my middle child (who is afraid to have a bad dream, because she thinks they happen on days when she did not behave appropriately in social contexts), from The Road Less Traveled: people who have bad dreams are the nicest people, because they let of of their garbage at night.

  • Point Location: this evolved into my Meridian Work, empowering clients to use flower essences, pressure, RestoreChi decals, and rubbing meridian pathways to clear blocks. I have a book on Acupressure for Trauma, which I hope to read and integrate, at some point.

  • OGT: treatments applied to the forehead, using concepts of iridology, often addressing the genetic background of multidimensional symptoms.

  • Transmitter Relay: identifying and undoing childhood programing, for people who have already done significant work in Esogetics and are ready to commit to a multistep process, especially if the bottoms of their ring, middle, and index fingers (subconscious, emotions, and consciousness) are repeatedly sore or have indications of insufficiency, reaction, blockages, or rigidity.

  • Burnout: something that many people suffer from if they are driven to achieve, because they never got the love and approval they were looking for in childhood, these treatments help people shift how they are living their life, so they can rebuild their energy and prioritize self care and things that fulfill them.

  • Death and Dying: we need to let go all the time, in order to step into the next phases of our life, these treatments help with this ongoing process.

  • Iching: this really steps up, the way in which we can focus on and support, people to work through their key life lesson(s), leveraging high quality passages, and various aspects of the Gene Keys work (including mudras and animal traits), there are also treatments on the body and simple paper-based methods.

  • Brainwave programs/treatments: to remind the body of heathy brainwave patterns, including how to clear garbage and send nutrients to the cells, and much more.

  • Faceted (small coloured soul-spirit) crystals: helpful for when we don't want to work with more fragile light sets, also addressing more subtle energies.

  • Activator crystals: personally I don't feel these as much as the small faceted crystals, but I have some clients who are very drawn to them, and like to use them intuitively while doing a Divine Healing session, or to balance, pull out, or bring in energy or information, to various parts of their body.

  • I also receive annual Update seminars (covering topics like PTSD, the Prefrontal Cortex, Torsion Fields, and more), quarterly Esogetic Letters, and I will be taking courses in: Neurocardiology and the Glymphatic System, Hormones during times of transition (i.e., menopause), Addiction, and possibly Depression.

RestoreChi is a pretty easy thing to add on as a supplement to Esogetic Treatments, for clients who are willing to engage/invest in what is needed to do so.

The Information Field has at least 3 levels we can leverage. The first is the Healy in information mode only (which I think is great for everyone, especially those who don't want to be involved in their own healing, and who more want us to understand what they are going through, and support them). The second is the Healy in physical mode, which can be too strong for sensitive people (so I don't use this on my kids, or anyone who is not open to the possible consequences of detox). And the third is going to the TimeWaver, which is only for people who want to invest in having a bigger push to their intuitive guidance. I do not recommend this for kids or for people who are not going to actively follow to their intuition, as not following such a strong push can have negative consequences.

There are people who cannot integrate treatments. Either because their life does not allow them to rest for long enough after treatment, what they are exposed to in life (and how they respond to it) pushes them back into an disordered state, or they have an unconscious instinct to leave their body when they receive too much treatment. These situations need to be handled with care, and at the pace people are able to digest and maintain, without pain or waste.

I hope this is helpful. I will edit this article as things evolve.


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