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Mainstream disconnects us from who we truly are

I mentioned, in my article yesterday, that our middle child often complains of stomach aches and sinus congestion after dinner or at bedtime.

We talked about this, and she said her stomach problems started two years ago, when she was picked up from a program, by people she was not expecting, taken on a hike, to a park, then home to bed, with not enough dinner. It was a fun day, but very disorienting, no control, and not enough self care.

She almost always watches her iPad when she eats. Something her older brother did, because he could not handle others, and then he grew out of it, and is now interested in speaking with others at the dinner table, unless his youngest sister is watching a show out loud, that draws his attention, which he says he can’t help.

But, the shows impact our middle child differently. She tries to become like the characters she sees, she wants her life (and social interactions) to be like theirs.

Our son uses videos more to learn and share information.

My belief is: when she watches the shows, she is disconnected from her self, and so she doesn’t respect the needs and limits of her body. And, the congested sinuses are also a similar sign, she has had enough, can’t even breathe anymore.

So, I decided I was going to treat her with grounding Esogetic Medicine treatments, and also prenatal treatment to remind her of her unique life program. When it came time to treat her, I also got inspired to relax her abdomen, because this is a big part of how we process our life experience.

I remember when I first started my spiritual learning in adulthood, I had to stop watching not only gruesome TV shows, but simple ones, that I thought I liked for the psychology and medical education. Every time I watched them, I felt lost, scared, didn’t know who I was. I think this is because, I was meant to go on an alternative path, for mental/physical health and what has meaning in life, and the divide was (deliberately) too great!

Even my Esogetic Medicine teacher cringed as she taught me about the needs of children as they grow up, knowing I would point out “but that is not what we do to kids in mainstream, we actually do exactly what is not good for them, at the exact time we shouldn’t do it”. My teacher said “she knows, and doesn’t know why it is done that way”.

Covid has been such a gift. I sometimes feel our youngest brought it on, so she could avoid all the programming: no daycare for her. And we also got to see who is drinking from the mainstream fire hose, and is going to spout all kinds of mainstream mindless catch phrases (though they think they sound intelligent, it’s designed that way), and who has a solid head on their shoulders to do what is “right”.

I became a certified practitioner of Esogetic Medicine because of our middle child. She was spotted as needing it, from the other side of the zoom screen.

When I was pregnant with her, I disconnected our cable TV to save money, because I was too sick to work. And I have never returned to work, because she guided me to so many teachers, that I was able to build my business, in order to allow me to continue to learn. Like our son, I only offer my time to something if there is something in it for me to learn, help, or self-care.

Finally. I know people who participate in “look at me” things. I love these people, and yet, I don’t condone this behavior. “Everyone look at me, take time from your life and look at me.” This makes money for all kinds of things. But, there is a difference between building a skill and showing others what humans are capable of, and volunteering to be the pawn who distracts others. I say this with love, because I know we play roles for others to see, so they can learn lessons. So, the one we judge, may be the one to notice, so we can learn, and hence, they lower themselves, so the experience can teach us. I read and watch videos in my own time, but I don’t join the crowd for the ”RA RA experience”. Thankfully I can say “sorry, my family needs me”.

In the end, be who you are. Reconnect, find your self, find health.

While I may do things that seem flashy, you don’t know why I do them. But, it’s certainly not political. It’s always to grow and understand and stand upon the shoulders of others, to reach something more, to give to others.

Sending love, and gratitude.

I hope this helps.


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