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Psoas and Esogetic Medicine

A friend shared this article ( with me, and I thought it would be neat to extend it from an Esogetic perspective.

The above article shared that the psoas connects the spine (low back) to the legs through the hips, and impacts the diaphragm, with ties to the root/sacral chakra, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS; stress response).

From an Esogetic's perspective, the hips open/unfold for the first time at birth and thus hold and communicate when we are going off track with our life program. The area of the sacral/root chakras represents Yesod, the film of our life, and the ANS could be tied to Netzach and Hod (involuntary and voluntary rhythms of the body) on the Tree of Life:

The organs that sit in this area are also tied to territory violations (kidneys), creativity (womb), discernment and finding joy (small intestines), and letting go (large intestines and reproductive organs).

In addition, the diaphragm is at the level of Tephereth (in the Tree of Life images above) and the main information barrier, between the truth that hits our gut brain and our cranial brain, and the center of our torsion field, where descending spiritual information (weak force) is meant to be met in a balance way by ascending life experience (strong force) if we want to experience health. The organs in that area are about worry and self care (stomach/spleen) and anger and having the ability to step out into the world (liver/gallbladder).

There was also some mention of TCM in the article above, and I wonder if there are connections to the triple warmer (TW), which pumps our 3 sources of energy (inherited kidney energy, energy from what we eat and drink, and energy from the air we breathe) around the body. The TW meridian runs down the arms, and has points on the top of the mid shoulders (the soul line), indicative of problems with the tonsils if this area is sore, which often indicates difficulty processing childhood fear. The low back also becomes sore when we feel unsupported, and when we are not being a good partner to ourselves.

I just wanted keep this article for reference and make additional connections (not to mention the sciatic nerve, which runs from a similar area in the back, through the hips, and all the way into the feet). For more about sore feet, see:

There are so many ways to get at these things, and it's great to be aware of what's available, so you can integrate what you need and what works for you, into your life. Be it yoga poses (as suggested in the article above), Pilates, RestoreChi, or colour light, crystals, brainwave programs, and sacred geometry from Esogetic Medicine.

According to Esogetics, everything needs to be able to flow, inform, and we need to follow through with appropriate action (karma), if we want to restore and maintain our health, by walking our unique life path.

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