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Updated: May 27, 2022

I’m watching the CODE-X series on Gaia TV (preview available here:

My first two kids were born under the sun sign Taurus. My walk-in was also under the sun sign Taurus.

In the first episode of this series, they share that the Great Pyramid in Egypt (which my eldest has always been drawn to) was call Bull Mountain. And, Taurus in reverse is Ros Tau, the rose cross. My second child would have been given the middle name Rose, if my mom hadn’t guilted me into passing on her name. My birth name, when you consider the name she insisted I pass along, literally creates “Mother Mary”.

Further in this series, they share that the apostle Peter is stoping Mary Magdalene from doing something with a knife in the last supper. And, with his face being more aggressive than anyone else in the painting, it was thought to be a self-portrait of Leonard DaVinci, himself. Maybe telling her to wait it out. And, my mother‘s abusive husband (who indirectly taught me about my own power)’s name was Peter.

Peter is also the name of the creator of Esogetic Medicine, a modality I learned to help my kids, but that has greatly accelerated my growth as well, and he has the same birthday as our 3rd child!

There was a paragraph here, that I removed, because, upon further investigation, it was incorrect, and proof of the many avenues, that can take us off our path.

Watching the show host travel to Egypt, I realize: the bloodline is thought to have come to Canada (among many other places). The bloodline would never have accepted this V. If they think stoping the bloodline from traveling prevents them from accessing key sites, to re-member who they are, they are wrong.

While being somewhere in person may be magical, we are one, and we can bilocate, with the information, shared by others, across time and space.

And, as this series further reveals, the 4th dimension is time/movement, and the 5th dimension is that time is moving in all directions at the same time.

So, the pyramids may not have been placed there in the past, but in the eternal now, which is why we see patterns we know of now, built then, for us to re-member (put back together).

The word re-member is important, because we are putting chopped up pieces back together.

Osiris was chopped into 14 pieces by his brother Seth and his wife/sister put (most of) him back together. By getting him to surrender his bull/ego to the cow/mother that it came from (one source).

From water to air, and back to the earth, even if we play with fire (exhale), somewhere along the way. This is why knowing some astrology is important!

Soul Contract lesson 14 represents: learning about oneself through karmic relationships, and is tied to the astrology sign Scorpio (which has a very high presence in our family), and is also always tied to the Soul Contract lesson for Aries (1+4=5), which also has a very prominent place in my natal astrology.

It’s an interesting realization for me, and I share with you, so you have ”permission” to find your own connections, not that you need permission, but maybe, inspiration (more fire).

It’s not egotistical to want to find all parts of your multidimensional self. Barbara Hand Clow even says, in her book about past lives: “siblings are different, because they are each trying to satisfy different past lives”.

Here are some quotes from the creator of the show:

”Sacrificing the ego in favor of a higher consciousness, sacrificing separation in favor of Unity consciousness”

“Geometry is music you enjoy with your eyes”

”If you are a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail”, separating education into subjects, where you have to choose one over the other, disconnects us from unity consciousness, and being able to tune our brain, to hear and understand source.

“In order to balance our mind, we need to learn to observe and not judge”. A wonderful way to balance both sides of the brain is to use our right side more. A great way to do so is to use The Dream Arc, an extension of the Gene Keys.

“Philo-sopher means lover of Sophia (knowledge)”. The Sophia Code is about our lineage, in our chakras system, which includes Hathor and Isis, and other significant women of many cultures. We are one.

All philosophers are polymaths, and alchemists, and they feared for their life, because of the things they uncovered, so they encoded them, to pass it on, for those who can see.

This explains why, I used to think: “if I figured it all out, I would die”. Death of the ego, the dark night of the soul, or maybe a past and present life, since there is no time, just the eternal now.

There’s a saying: “they buried us, they didn’t know we were seeds”. But, I’m thinking: maybe the division of subjects in school, in order to try to make us think we are separate, could be deliberate alchemy, for us to realize, we are one.

The creator of this series lived in many different places growing up, and found learning the local language helped him acclimate best. So he learned 8 languages, 5 of which he is still fluent in, and this allowed him to see the world differently from most, and we all can, if we pass on the cookie cutter upbringing and life, and allow for natural life, with all its bumps and curves and no-entry/no-exit signs.

I love the references of “geometry - measuring the earth”.

And, what if Shakespeare wasn’t one person, but a collective of alchemists, encrypting for those who take the time to decode? Aparently this collective may have also been the authors of the King James Bible. Now you have to wonder why Shakespeare is taught in school, the way it is, to distract, or to (mis-)guide?

In fact, a friend told me “I write well, but my writing is somewhat veiled”. I do so so I can continue to write, and so those who are ready, can understand. But, maybe it’s a pattern I learned, because I also wrote for Shakespeare. And maybe this is why I also often said “you don’t know that is what he meant by that passage”, when we were studying Shakespeare in school.

It comes full circle, again, and again.

Here are some screenshots, for you to consider, and for me to refer to, as well:

Also paraphrased from the creator of this series:

“Alpha-Omega, and if you do a lowercase alpha, and turn it on it‘s side, it resembles an omega”. We are just different perspectives of the same thing, if we reduce ourselves to equal size…

And, “Alpha is like Aleph, the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Tau is the last letter”. In Soul Contract, Tau is lesson 22 (which is always paired with the Sun, our life purpose, 2+2=4, trust the flow). Soul Contract lesson 22 is about completion, seeing multiple perspectives, no longer hurting others, because we see the value that we carry inside.

And Tau-rus, the second astrological sign, like Gene Key lesson 2 (which is about being lost in disorientation), maybe should have also been first, the divine feminine, not second to Aries/man. TBD, as we enter an age of balanced left-right, male-female, above-below, science-spirituality, mind-heart, wisdom.

And, from Melanie Reinhart’s book Incarnation Cross: Earth is where all our feet meet at the center, and all our heads point to a unique location in space. We need all perspectives to be whole. And this is why, I want as many people as possible, to be aligned with their truth, and in their power.

And, this is where my unique blend of experience, knowledge, and wisdom serves, and builds upon others, as does yours.

Sending 💕

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