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RestoreChi helps in unexpected ways

In my last article, I referred to RestoreChi as not really being able to heal my daughter's pain around her bellybutton (because the pain returns night after night). I just realized, maybe that's not what she is using RestoreChi for. She describes it as pain, but the track she is using:

...addresses the area of our body that produces the majority of our neurotransmitters, and according to Esogetic Medicine, this is the area that interfaces with the field (our unique life program/truth).

Maybe my daughter is using this track to try to reconnect to her truth every night, because what she experiences in the day, takes her away from who she really is, and this results in fear and sadness.

In Esogetic Medicine they say "if the gut and the heart send the same message to the brain, but it is ignored in favor of the intellect, the person moves towards illness and psychosis". We cannot ignore our truth and have our health!

While RestoreChi does not have all the components available in Esogetic Medicine, like ways to address issues with hormones, brain components, or attachment history, it is something that can be used in addition to. If Esogetic Medicine doesn't clear something in a session (visible by what does and does not shift, in the before to after treatment Kirlian photos) then RestoreChi can address some of the remaining issues between sessions, to try to remove some of the load.

There are things that RestoreChi can heal, once and for all, like a hernia, removing pain at the top of one's breath, or restoring regular bowel movements. It all depends on what the person is actively still recreating in their life, and what their body has simply forgotten how to do and, with a bit of help, could return to a healthy rhythm again.

Alternating the yin and yang organs for Spleen/Stomach and Liver/Gallbladder can be very effective in addressing an EMF-induced complete digestive obstruction. Chill release is important for us to use at the first sign of cold symptoms to prevent it from going deep into our lungs (especially with exposure to sudden rain or snowfall, the day after witnessing lines in the sky). And fire release is good for when a fever goes beyond what we feel comfortable with for our kids (a certain amount of fever is good).

However, more general digestive, headache, cough, sore throat, and acid reflux symptoms require a bit more thought. While there are one off RestoreChi tracks for each of these, what works depends on how the person triggers themselves back into these state (often its emotions, thoughts, and situations we are exposed to, sometimes its diet or lack of movement).

For me, looking at my Kirlian photo and testing to see what works, I have found that my headaches follow the TCM saying "the kidney yin can't control the liver yin, so the liver fire goes up into the head". So I use the RestoreChi kidney enhance, liver detox, and headache tracks on my low back to help relieve this condition. Others may have headaches that are more kidney/bladder or heart related.

For digestive issues, I find combining how the Medical Medium describes digestive issues with what is available in RestoreChi also works well for me. See:

While working Kevin (local lead RestoreChi student and manager of the website) will allow him to zero in on your specific situation, make recommendations, monitor progress, and let you know when to change tracks or jump to the specialty tracks (which, in addition to seeing Master Yan, can give faster and better results). Some clients become reliant on his advice or on the specialty/regular tracks, which is not ideal (or the end goal), because we need to learn what works for us and how to preserve our health, once we are back in touch with it again. It takes time, and there is room for trial and error and trying again.

None of us are perfect. Life is a journey, and there is work to be done. To honour ourselves, our needs, our life program/purpose/lessons.

Many people use 5G/EMF, Information Field, Brainwave or other devices to come back to center, balance, and health. Similar to using meditation, exercise, writing, talking to a friend, or other modalities (like Divine Healing). It's ok to recognize when we are off center and to have ways to find center again, as we learn how to recognize what takes us off center and whether it is love to say no to these things, or is it love to sometimes say yes and be ready to fix the consequences that may come afterwards.

We also need to be kind to ourselves. Sometimes we don't get the chance to heal something because the condition provides protection, and when the time to heal the condition presents itself, that is the time to heal it. We do what we can, when we can, when we need to, and maybe, sometimes, not before.


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