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My 2024 SoulSpark talk 🎬

I'm participating in this event:

Very likely you can find my family's campsite off to the side of the other campers, by the grandfather tree (feel free to approach me at any time, and we will find time to get you the information you seek):

Here is a photo of the founder of Mother Earth Learning Village and Soul Spark, as I look back from where our campsite will be situated, towards the area of the main stage, as the "road" behind her bends to the left, and becomes the row of vendors and food trucks. Also to the side of where she stands now, will be temporary showers and bathrooms. Never underestimate what Ms Stephanie and her team can do in a small amount of time, to transform a space to match the vision she has inside her head. A week is a lifetime, and she has many lifetimes between now and June 21/22/23 2024 to prepare this land for Soul Spark!

Here is where you can go to read more about the intention of the event, and to buy tickets, if it resonates with you.

What I would like to draw your attention to is the introduction: "The Soul Spark Festival is a unique and transformative event designed to ignite the spark of joy, wonder, and authenticity within each participant by reconnecting them with their inner child and soul's essence."

Now to put it in context with the work that I do: I use a lot of modalities because this is what works for my family. Everything that I use authentically came to me because I needed to understand something to support myself and my kids. Now I see the piece of how it can also support my husband.

The first modality that came to me was Soul Contract. I had been long looking to understand life purpose, and why specifically I am here. This modality picks from 22 lessons, in the right combination, what we are here to focus on in this life. It makes our struggles and traumas make sense, because there is no way you can help someone through something, unless you have some experience of it yourself. It brings gratitude for our tough experiences, because the wisdom we gained from it can not be bought.

However, when I went to train for Soul Contract they didn't have enough students signed up, so they suggested I try the other modality they had available, and for some reason, I did.

Divine Healing level 1, all by itself, over the course of a year of application, cleared me of my social anxiety and major depression (although knowing and accepting who I am by understanding my Human Design, see below, also helped a lot in shedding my social anxiety, because a lot of it wasn't even mine, I just took it on as if it was).

In time, I was able to come off all my bipolar medication. Of course things have not always been easy, but I've been able to hang on to the roller coaster ride, as I go through the wild transformations and open up new realizations, to put order to how old traumas continue to play out in my present life.

I have since trained in many levels of Divine Healing, and even understand the structure to what people, who can travel into the outer realms, can do, but from a grounded safe space, see You Are The Shaman.

That said, while training in the modalities above, one of the things my own personal Divine Healing sessions guided me to was to learn Human Design. And the reason I was given to learn it was that not everyone is ready for Soul Contract or Divine Healing. And boy were they right! Human Design is good for anyone who wants to understand why are the impacted by others in certain ways, how can they be more themselves, how can they make decisions that get them to where they want to go in life.

I was literally asked if Human Design could be used to manipulate clients into signing up for one's program. And the answer is NO. Human Design allows people to know what is right for them, and we have to be open to the person then following through, and leading a life that may not include us, if we are not what is right for them.

I pause here, because this is where people like my husband come in, but also not yet. My husband requested a session with me, to help him be able to buy out his car, trade up to a better motorcycle, and then launch his own business, instead of being an employee. What he liked is that we found a way for him to do this and more. He is thriving with the things and the job/recognition he enjoys, and he has also upgraded our lives. With regular vacations and a new home, that has all the things I dreamed of, but not an inch more, so I/we don't over give to others, which was part of my original vision, but not what is best for me or my family.

That said, of course I am not done. Part of my Soul Contract is to work with the elements. For me, that means TCM (RestoreChi), Astrology, and Elemental Magic. Not to mention our emotions.

This article can not cover it all, but like I said, I am a multidimensional health psychologist for a reason. I've been guided to what works for my family. After tackling a lot of the psychology (above), I became quite ill with the birth of my 3rd child. RestoreChi helped a lot, with many recoveries, for me and my kids. But I also realize, it doesn't take you anywhere. You're healed, so what? Most people are grateful to have their symptoms lifted, but many just go back to the life that created their symptoms, and their symptoms or condition returns.

For change, we need something more like Esogetic Medicine. I came upon this modality because, while training for another modality online, the teachers saw the extreme behavior of my middle child, and identified that she clearly had an attachment disorder. Esogetic Medicine (which they called Colour Light Therapy, and which is also referred to as Colorpuncture in the States) has the ability to assess and offer treatments on how to correct breaks in healthy attachment/development.

So back up to the intro from Soul Spark: "reconnecting them with their inner child and soul's essence"

If, in the first 3 years of life, the person felt safe and that their needs were met, they download why they are here.

However, there is more to it than that. The soul needs to get into the meat suit, and many people can't fully integrate and embody.

The reason could be micro traumas that a cellular organism doesn't know how to process. At conception we are one cell that splits into two, then 4, then 8, and so on. Our trauma can be held from so early on.

Then we live inside our mothers, who may have wanted us or not, who may have stresses, or pains, or illness, or losses, that we feel. Her body/womb may have toxins, scars, growths, lack of nutrients/energy, temperature or other imbalances, that we fight against, for our own survival, space, or right to live, and we may carry this pattern into our life. All of this is stored inside of us, before we had a brain to process it, words to make sense of it, and anyone with enough consciousness to hold space for us to validate our experience, put order to it, and let it go, so we can be free to try again.

Esogetic Medicine can access these times, and before, to put right. Not to go back and change, but to say, that was then and this is now, here is some order to the disorder, and a reminder of healthy brainwave patterns and how cells and organs can connect, communicate, abd work together once again, so the life program can embody, permeate our life, and be propogated forward as an expression of who we are and what we are meant to do in this lifetime (and learn along the way).

And, what's great about Esogetics is: there's time.

Because there is time, what we see in an image is less scary than if we were to see it on a physical scan (xray, ultrasound, MRI), where it feels so real and inescapable.

In fact, the skepticism around Esogetics is what helps keep people from freaking out at what they see. What we see on a Kirlian image, may not be detectable via 3D (mainstream medicine tests) for 6 months, giving the person time to course correct, with or without treatment.

And, because I use so many modalities, you don't need to fix what you see with Esogetic Medicine.

Just like some people are not comfortable with Divine Healing. RestoreChi and the Information Field may be a better way to support someone in the background, before they are ready to engage in the process themselves, buying them time to come around.

However, everything works best when the person is involved in their own healing. But, with kids, sometimes the healing that is needed is a shift in how we see them. With our partners too, but also, sometimes we stand to benefit more from their health than they do, and we meddle a bit, to buy them time, to engage in it for themselves, in a way that works for them. This what I call "respectful support" because we are not forcing others to do as we do, to take drugs or supplements, or undergo surgery or appointments. But rather, we are creating an environment that allows for health, change, relief from symptoms, so the person has the space and freedom to choose, when they are ready, what they want to do, to improve their health and their life.

Healing is a journey. One that we should enjoy, because we are investing our time, money, and energy, and it's our life.

I don't want to wait until the doctor says "you have X time to live and your only options are things you don't want to do (surgery, drugs, hospitalization)", with the pressure and guilt from family, to do what they say because they are afraid you will die.

I know people will come to hear me talk, to see what I have to say, but also to see if they feel they can talk to me. I don't know what I will say. But I will probably continue to draft it out here, because I also know that some people won't be able to attend. They may be busy, not local, or this may not be their scene, but I still want them to have an opportunity to know.

I hope this helps, and if you have questions, please ask. I am sure if you feel I've left something out. Someone else feels the same, but may not have the courage to ask. Let's make this communication better for everyone, together. Thank you!


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