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What does it mean to be mainstream, low consciousness, 3D, and how is this reflected in covid stats?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

When I first started my spiritual journey, there were a lot of terms I did not understand. Some things felt vaguely familiar (like uncovering what I always knew to be true, but didn't know how), and others, I was honestly too shy to admit: I really did not know what people were talking about!

This is part of the reason why I wrote this article.

Low consciousness, 3D, mainstream means you do not necessarily think for yourself:

- Is this right?

- Is this kind?

- Is this my issue?

- Is it yours?

- Do I want this?

- Do I really have to do this?, etc.

You believe what you have always been told, and you forget what you know to be true, at your core.

Or worse: the parts of you that knew what was true are long gone, due to soul shock, soul trauma, and soul loss.

No one is immune!

Even the most grounded, loving, enlightened person (at least nowadays), may have gotten there because of trauma.

You can reclaim your power, and your soul fragments, but there needs to be enough of you left to pull those parts back.

And, you need to have the will to do the work, without attacking those who are trying to support and guide you.

To do this, you must accept and love yourself first!

I am not following the news, as that too is, sadly, very low consciousness.

I am grateful to the politicians, medical staff, researchers, teachers, police, older generations, bank staff, reporters, writers, and people who care and fight for our rights. But, to me, they also miss the mark, when they focus on fear and distraction, anything to survive, and anything to keep the old system alive.

The countries hit the hardest by the corona virus, appear to be the countries where the majority of citizens have given their power away. Either to the church, a collective consciousness, or a driven society, that is focused on grades, looks, money, status, achievement, safety, science, or having to adhere to the expectations and respect for men, authority, the rules, police, the government, the laws, the unions, the contracts, the classes, the social faux pas, etc.

No one has the right to control others! We have ownership over our own body, and that is it! We don’t even have the right to control or force our children.

If you want to stay healthy, keep your body healthy (on all levels). If you don’t know how, there are people who can guide you. No one is responsible for you, but you!

The only thing I see surviving this time is: honest conversations about personal limits and needs, founded on love and mutual respect.

There are many who cannot make this transition. Be it the corona virus or something else that takes them out.

Some people may want to support from the other side. Or they may want to start over, thinking a new life will undo their regrets from their present life. Unfortunately, the only way to undo what was done in this life, is to work on your self.

Some people may have unfinished lessons, that can only be learned in a place of polarity, hatred, greed, and control. And, if so, they will transition to another place, like this, but not here, because here, we are raising consciousness!

Nothing is bad.

We are just all in a busy airport. Trying to figure out what flight we are getting on, and what flights others are getting on. And trying to decide if we are going to stay behind, to be the landing crew, for those who decide to stay?

I am part of the landing crew.

I am not attached to who decides to fly, and where.

Go to a more enlightened place, go to a less enlightened place.

We cannot die. We merely transition.

All we can do now is: thank one another, on a soul level, for the role we have played in each other's multiple lives. It has been a long dance for many.

If you want to stay here, and see the Earth transform into the beautiful Christed Planet that it is, do your work!

And that is not your school work or your work work!

It is to look at yourself, as I look at myself. It is to discard what no longer works, it is to stop fighting and to see what you need, and how you can ask for it, with love.

It is to look at someone that you sense can no longer grow in this life, and to love them anyways, with all the self-protection you need to do so. It is to visit them on a plane where you can be equal. And then to let go of predicting an outcome for them.

As I wrote this article, I was interrupted a lot by my children. See here for more on this phenomenon: If you want to have a solid impact on others, you better leverage your team!

I made a vow this weekend, to no longer write from a place of hurt. But to take my hurt to my Divine Healing manuals, and transform the lead of hurt to the gold of higher understanding. Then, and only then, to write from a place of love/gold.

It is an honour to be able to do this work, from the ground, and not from a pedestal.

What I discovered today, in my healing session, is I have a mission, like it or not, to do my work, to be a voice, and to find love. And, as I learn to do my work, the bigger things, that I am currently unable to face, will dissolve.

First I need to gather more love/allies around me, which I have not been letting in, due to past judgement and hurt.

And, as I work with this, on a smaller scale, it will ripple out, with the only true power that lasts: unconditional love.

You can't touch it.

Not with fear, not with force, there is nothing you can take from someone who is aligned with themselves and their gifts, to be of service.

You can not collect this from their pockets or their bank account. It is always theirs, wherever they go.

Be right with yourself, be right with your God/source. Being aligned with your Truth.

I don't know if this helps, or if it can be understood by any or all.

But, to those who get it, or who have questions, feel free to reach out.

We are going to be ok. No matter what.

Life is a game, and if you get on the right side of this, your ship will land on a beautiful shore.

This is not a threat, in any way. It is an invitation. And, you don't need me to take you there.

Love and bless, now and always.

Alahnnaa Campbell

You Have A Life Plan

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